Is the car tire have positive and reverse? What is the impact?

Everbruck has released the Hengchi 1 way of running video, but Hengchi 1 has become a hot topic of netizens because of the tire decoration. I spent huge sums of money, I have invited the experts from all walks of life, and even the Evergrande Auto Stock Market has exceeded the Geely Automobile, so the new energy electric car brand hoped, and it was made by the tires. However, the Hengchi 1 tire is contrary to the topic we discussed today.

In the past, the old driver will change the wheel to avoid the tire over a period of time Bias and other problems, which is still a provincial tire.

The tires of many old drivers can be exchanged at will because most tires in the past are


Tires of the pattern , that is, regardless of Left and right, regardless of internal and external . Therefore, such a symmetric pattern tire can not only be exchanged left and right, but it can also travel normally without the inside and outside of the tires. With the requirements of car consumers on the car tires, the tires of performance tires, silent tires, wear-resistant tires, etc., the tires of asymmetric patterns are increasing many. Therefore, if it is a non-symmetrical pattern tire, it cannot be easily changed because it is likely to be reversed.

The tire is contrary or changed,

Is the problem great?

Asymmetric tires can only be installed in the direction of the manufacturer set. If the installation is reversed, it will affect the performance of the tire. Because the tire’s pattern or pattern is designed, it functions. If the decline is to decrease, the emergency braking and urgent speed can not achieve the expected effect, may cause the brake distance to increase, enhance traffic accident probability. Second, the tire pattern also determines the drainage performance of the tire. Asymmetric tires must be the best incentive drainage effect,

If installing, drainage effect is big discount

, in rain and snow, will increase the probability of out of control.

[123 Finally, the front side of the asymmetric tire is different from the inner pattern, and the outer side provides better support and grip, there will be special designs for the emergency steering and changing direction of the vehicle. If the tire is reversed, the frontal tmary of the inner side is not as supported by the outer tm, and the control performance of the vehicle is declining, and the tire careful design is also wasted.

Therefore, the non-symmetrical tire is in front of the opposite, there are many things, and there is no one. When we purchase asymmetric tires with special functions, we must be optimistic about inside and outside and positive. Simultaneously,.

In addition, the asymmetrical pattern tires must be carefully checked whether or not, because any tire is installed, it will affect the form of stability of the vehicle, especially high speed, accelerated, and brakes. When it is very likely that due to the difference in the direction of the carpet, the vehicle runs or side slip, affects the safety of the vehicle.

Asymmetric tire tire

how to distinguish between the front and back?

Asymmetric tire tires are mostly inner and outer side,

The outer side will be identified in ldquo; Outsiderdquo; the inside will be labeled in ldquo; Insiderdquo; the outer side is the outer direction of the hub, which is contrary to the inner direction of the hub. If there is wear on the outside of the asymmetric tire, or there is no ldquo; OutsideRDQUO; ID, then, the production date of

The production date of the tire is basically marked outside the tire, and can be identified inside and outside through the date of production.

In addition, there are no clear English markers in the inside and outside of the styles of tires, but will use arrows to mark the direction of rolling, Keep consistent with the direction of the vehicle.

Does your tire do not install it?

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