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Is there a chance to launch an electric guard?

According to foreign media recently reported, the Land Roker is considering adding new members to the Guardian car system, it is possible to develop the MLA platform of the New Generation Range Rover, and will be more payable than the existing guards; in addition, the guardian guard It may also be possible, but it will be launched a more compact version before receiving the Baby Guards developed by the sports version, and only the plan has been canceled.

Initial, Jiehu Land Tiger High Level is fairly confident in the profitability of the guardian system, and can even compare with the Range Rover. In recent years, the Land and Tiger is quite focus on strengthening the three major cars, including Range Rover, guards, and found productive power, the purpose of improving the purity of each product and set the pure yield target to 10%.

The key to enhance profit is widely used in the MLA platform. In fact, MLA Longitudinal Architecture modular platform can correspond to three electrified models, including ICE traditional fuel power, MHEV light oil electricity, PHEV plug-in oil-electric hybrid model, and pure electric BEV models. Therefore, the original factory is also expected to introduce the MLA platform into the New Generation Range Rover Sports Edition, Range Rover and Discovery of 6 Cars.

Due to the MLA platform supports a variety of electric models, and the price of the luxury version of the guard will be surpassing the current top grid, so if the pure electric luxury version of the guards are expected to be launched. Then, it is foreseeable that it will become an associated opponent with the EQG of Mercedes-EQ. Consideration of the Land Roker’s amplification plan was just started, and foreign media also estimated that this luxury version of the guards of the guards were the fastest to wait until 2025.

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