It is blown good or really good? 100,000 km Wei to ES8 dismantling soon to open

While many car companies began a decade ago from the research and development of electric vehicles, electric vehicles, but the rapid development of real time in the past two years. With the national launch of electric car subsidies, not only the traditional car prices began to vigorously conduct research and development of electric vehicles, new car prices are also springing up like appearance. Although both old and new car prices, in terms of battery, motor control and other basically at the same starting line, but the body of a conventional car prices, chassis tuning and other aspects have gone through several years of precipitation technology, the new car prices do?


policy, the gradual improvement of facilities coupled with the use of low-cost electric car was selected by more and more people. One of my relatives because soon to get a new energy indicators, Which to buy electric cars has been his tangle: the traditional car prices electric vehicle hardware technology more reliable, but the general appearance, and most of the oil to electricity; new car prices the model is designed in line with the aesthetic sense of modern young people, and the configuration of high intelligence, but as a start-up enterprises, product quality is reliable? Can you live with? These are not clear. And these problems is what most consumers to buy new energy vehicles brought some doubt.

coincidence, scrap Square want you to think, eliminating for you! This time we received by the owner of a car for everyday use accumulated 100,000 kilometers of Wei to ES8, which is currently find the whole network first station has traveled 100,000 kilometers of ES8, we will test it and dismantling, thorough detection of emerging car prices product quality, reliability, in the end how the state of the vehicle in use for some time?

Why Wei to ES8?

1, Wei to the new car prices are subject to the highest brand awareness. ES8 The car is also very high degree of concern and controversy outside world is relatively large.

2, ES8 listed earlier in new car prices of products, more representative than other emerging car prices of products.

3, ES8 not present a problem for electric battery consumption, it will be more objective and quality testing of other parts of the vehicle.

due to the current electric car battery brand produced by the non-essential, can not change the attenuation battery charging and the environment and have a great relationship. For example, in the cold north than the warm south battery decay is faster, has been slow enrich my knowledge of the use of electric vehicles has been higher than hellip enrich my knowledge of the use of fast electric car battery efficiency; among other factors, the loss does not have to disassemble the battery to see Cape adaptability.

So the choice is to buy a pure electric vehicle for electricity mdash; mdash; ES8. The car battery because there is no attenuation problem, the dismantling of whether the vehicle is reliable quality and repairer of the new forces to cross the border we only need to consider, in the use of 100,000 kilometers can still maintain a good condition? The end result was … … what will happen? Stay tuned version ES8 founding dismantling live mdash; mdash; December 3 will give you good-looking!

Madden: 100,000 km 10 games broadcast live the true owners of a demolition explosive ES8 do not blow him to Wei Chai Wan to know!

Now I’m around a lot of people are blowing ES8 Wei to accelerate fast, convenient for electricity, good service, as a drive 1000 models, scrap “scrap Square” demolition of hundreds of old who not good. The more new things are not better, reliability is the key. So this time we collect the whole network, and received a 100,000 km ES8 future to conduct a thorough dismantling, Chai Wan site scrapped vehicles, focus on that three times, he burst demolition, demolition blasting him, he burst demolition, scrap no statute , violent thoughts come to you, you dare me to dare to do.

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