It is called “Curi South Baoding San”, but the tank is not only to replace Jeep, but also aimed at the road

When H6 is hot, the Great Wall has a Haval brand in the SUV market in the city. Nowadays, now 300 is hot, and the tank brand of the main off-road market is as scheduled. After seeing the tank brand from the main luxury Wey brand, after formal independence, many people think that the next new car will continue to farm farm.

However, in the official announcement of brand independence, the tank released two main high-end business luxury flagship SUVs (Tank 700 and Tank 800) However, it added a lot of disputes to this brand.

wherein the flagship model of the tank 700, the positioning machine technology series is the creation of the Global Engineer Science and Technology. Although there is no traditional hardcore design along the tank 300, it is still a hard-working design of the machine.

However, in the car, all Tu Haojin color matching with the material of the fur, inevitably subverts everyone to the traditional hard-owned cross-country interior .

The tank 800 has broken through everyone’s cognition of tank brands, positioning business luxury series flagship models, luxurious design, top materials Process, all-round business space, advanced intelligent interaction, have left a deep impression on consumers.

However, how can the tank be used as a primary hard-colored cross-country brand, how can I launch the “business luxury” model of the tank 800? In this regard, there are different sounds on the Internet: Some netizens think that the tanks are driving, and they ran their independent off-wildering; and some people think that tank 800, open a new gate of the Great Wall. How come to see the flagship model of the tank 800? Today, I will talk to everyone.

The appearance portion, the tank 800 uses many libraries in Nanwei fullElement elements, such as large-size straight water-fit grille, Tu Haojin double color matching body, multi-spoke chrome-plated hub, long size of 5 meters, etc.

The entire appearance is simply a forceful, the only thing that can be associated With “off-road”, perhaps only the more square body shape.

The interior portion, the tank 800 is also very expensive. Purple + Beige + Gold-yellow color matching design, material of the fur, the material of the crystal, the four layout with the aviation seat, which is unlimited in the reinforced tank 800 luxury properties.

More critical is, the tank 800 is also equipped with a logged umbrella in the door, using a starry sky on the roof The sky is designed, coupled with purple flushing materials, their interiors are in the ultimate luxury. Looking at these “Rolls Royce” tasteful design elements, netizens gave the tank 800 a new name: “Curia” Baoding San.

Tank 800

Rolls-Royce Kuli

Simply from the appearance, In the interior design, the tank 800 is really a luxurious full. But the difference is to emphasize the comfortable luxury SUV, the tank 800 is still a hard-owned off-road vehicle, and the performance is still hard core.

Hard-traveled off-road exclusive belt beam car body, and strong powerful fuel power (3.0 T + 9AT), is not absent on the tank 800. It is worth mentioning that this 3.0T maximum power is still up to 260kW (353PS), the peak torque is 500 nmIDDOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOTT; M. It is completely the medium level in the power of the same displacement.


As for the differential lock, the tank has not officially announced the relevant configuration, but transforms the button icon in the form of the surrounding drive through the interior, or can determine the tank 800 The number of differential locks will not be less than two. Seeing this, many netizens may have questions. In the end, the tank 800 is a hard-saving off-road vehicle embellished with a luxury, or a luxury SUV of hard-free crossing?

In the eyes of the novel, the tank 800 is essentially a hard-owned cross country, which is also the “Ben” of the tank brand. As a flagship model, the tank 800 is designed to be full of luxurious, in fact, more or less self-high SUV premium capacity, in the SUV market above 300,000, in addition to the red flag of brand heritage, it is difficult to see Other domestic brands can be successful. If the tank 800 is only incorporated into a “large number” tank 300, it is estimated that it is difficult to continue to break through. After all, “off-road” added value, the tank 300 can also do, the flagship should have other “added value”, such as luxurious.

Now the tank 800 piled up “material” to the ultimate, and even when it comes to Rolls Royce Culland, it can find it. The “breakthrough point” continued to continue. And its appearance, also allows the tank from a purely off-road ordinary brand, unplugged the brand that can be a cross-country + luxury brand.

The difference between the two brands, said that the novel is straightforward, in fact, the difference between Jeep and Land Rover. Like the tank 300, most consumers will see it as a domestic substitute for Jeep. After all, in the design, product cost performance, quality word of quality, the tank has won Jeep.

However, from the global market, the tank has to become the first brand of global off -Fon SUV, and the Land and Tiger is the goal of the Great Wall really to be aimed at. You must know that the Land and Tiger has been hailed as the “Rolls Royce” in the off-road vehicle. Therefore, the tank really wants to be high with the Land Tiger, “Curia” BaodingThe launch of divided is imperative.

Previously, there was a rumor on the network that the Great Wall intended to acquire Jeep, Landauri and other brands, thereby enrolling the global off-road SUV market, followed Can’t.

17 years Jeep has returned the acquisition of the Great Wall

The independence of the tank brand, and the launch of the tank 800, it is confirmed the Great Wall to enter the world. Ambition. By based on China, build a luxury hardship SUV brand belonging to China, thereby activating the global cross-rich SUV market. The success of the tank will accelerate the pace of China’s brand, the future market pattern will change, and the self-owned brand will have a place, it is worth waiting for! Welcome to “the” vehicle domain “, leave a message below, share your views on the tank 800.

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