It was installed yesterday ETC, but I want it torn down today

in accordance with state regulations, before the end of 2019, the basic provincial boundaries cancel highway toll stations across the country to achieve the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) ETC utilization percentage Highway 90, each retaining only high-speed toll station an artificial channel. And since 1 January 2020, in addition to the State Council, all kinds of toll breaks and other incentives are relying on the ETC system.

See, for universal use ETC, the policy has been done a great tilt. In this regard, I rushed to my car is fitted with a ETC. And from my point of view the actual travel experience, artificial channel high-speed toll indeed continued to decline, many of the highway retained only an artificial channel, this channel a lot of cars in front in a long queue. But slightly ironic that in many ETC channel mouth, waiting in a long queues of vehicles.

policy to encourage, but the owners do not buy it

the ETC of mind is good, under ideal conditions, it can make more traffic efficiency high, in the policy to encourage, it has more benefits. But despite the Ministry made it clear that to reach 90 percent by the end of ETC usage rate, but until now, the National Highway entrance passenger ETC average utilization rate of 70.84 percentage, however, even a 0.44 percent decline. Among these, undoubtedly the highest utilization rate in Fujian Province, but is nothing but 85.98 percentage, from 90 percentage still have a distance of nearly four percentage points. Visible, although policies to encourage, but the owners do not buy it.

causes do not buy it for many reasons in the past a lot of people say that because we go through the trouble did not go through. But now, with the full encouragement policy, ETC’s already very easy to handle, but also a variety of ways, for example, I personally believe that in the micro be handled, simply upload your own data and documents related to the vehicle, the remainder is wait for the courier .In addition, in multiple high-speed entrance, will have a lot of relevant staff in the “squat”, the site will be able completed.

Since the handle has been so easy, then why the owners still do not buy it then? I think the problem lies in the body of both sides, on the one hand the enthusiasm of the owners is not enough, because the current high speed despite the elimination of artificial channels, but it also has a lot of the mixing channel, the owner can pass through the CTC card. The other is currently ETC does exist, there are many problems, and these problems even BUG indeed turn affect the owners of enthusiasm from some aspects.

ETC What are the problems?

We know that a major feature of the ETC is no cartoon row, which is an advantage can save time. But under the current situation, many vehicle owners or drivers are required for reimbursement, which relate to a problem, ETC how to be reimbursed? Because there was no cartoon row, so the driver can not get as vouchers, not with paper invoices for reimbursement. But if e-invoicing, and because Invoice not and can not be reimbursed. The need for reimbursement of vehicle owners and drivers, it is undoubtedly very inconvenient.

Second, surely we have seen recently a lot of news, and that is “no bickering phenomenon” occurs. ETC usage is low in the past, when relatively few relevant examples. But with the increase in usage, ETC pass road occasional bickering phenomenon is not, it will cause said at the beginning, ETC lane also long queues problem, and that is the car behind impassable waiting in front of the vehicle to turn around yet.

In addition to the write-off is the problem. ETC need to return to logout local log off, does not support remote log out. meaningIf you are thinking that a certain bank opened in Guangzhou, you can only return to the cancellation of certain bank in Guangzhou, off-site can not be written off. And the write-off of a fairly long time, usually in about a month. During the write-off, the owner can not be re-opened ETC, ETC is a view of a car a card, so if you change or replace the vehicle to charge mode, will face more trouble time cost of procedures and more.

ideal very good, the reality is very cruel

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for the above-mentioned problems, the relevant departments of the State’s argument is that while being perfect use. Indeed, the development of anything can not do without practice, but with the huge base of owners of friends, there are few people willing to mice it? To develop ETC is a good thing, but before the popularity of whether it should make the relevant measures to deal with the establishment of relevant departments to handle it?

at the moment, ETC really popular, and many drivers voluntarily or half voluntarily installed, but when problems do appear, but found no one to solve. Thus, for the problem ETC processing, relevant departments should be unexpected. Further still, when the problem first appeared unexpected, whether it should expand to respond immediately after that when problems arise, seek solution? And we are seeing now, but the problem is emerging more and more, but the solution was not one, it’s no wonder the enthusiasm of the owners who install ETC will be a hit.

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