It will enter the European market, and it is expected to sell ES8 in Norway in Norway in September.

Automobile report ] According to foreign media reports, it is a recent EWVTA (ie EU Whole Type Certification) for ES8. After obtaining the certification, it is equal to the sales of the European market. License, that is, it is to officially sell ES8 in the European market. This is after the brand and other brands such as Xiaopeng, BYD, Ai Chi, and another Chinese brand enters the European market.

It is reported that the ES8 is expected to take the lead in Norway in September, followed by other large-scale electric vehicle markets in Europe. It will use the same factory direct model with China, and will be introduced into the Nio House, Nio App for use in European users. In addition, related products such as electricity exchange stations, NIO Life Mall will also introduce synchronous.

Editor’s comment

If you have long been concerned about car news, many Chinese brands have entered the European market, After a good sales score in the Chinese market, it also begins to enter the European market in a timely manner, and a variety of business models that are exclusively created in the European market are popular or water and soil, let us wait and see.

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