Japanese boutique sedan, Mazda 3 and the new Sylphy how the election?

Japanese compact car compared to Europe and America, there is more to own some of the spirit and character. Such as the latest listing of the Mazda 3 Angkesaila and Nissan Sylphy, and black sports have become more technology, especially Sylphy product characteristics to produce a substantial change, which is also based on market related to younger tastes.

3 Angkesaila Mazda Price: 11.59-16.89 Wan, Nissan Sylphy price: 10.90-14.30 million. We all feel for the new Angkesaila pricing accident, so confident of the overall car line set higher than the same level of competition, whether it is how hard to resist black technology?


Angkesaila appearance design follows the movable spirit 2.0 concept car “Quebec” style, the overall smooth surface with smooth body lines to manufacture, reducing complex visual elements, have more design sense and a sense of the future. Although the overall shape and on a little difference, but in this generation design language will indeed Angkesaila temperament overstating a lot.

car interior more concise, in the popular big screen trend, Mazda opposite way to use 8.8-inch central control display, the air conditioning button concentrated in the lower part, showing a distinct layout. The steering wheel is the use of the latest styles of three design than the previous generation to enhance the sporty driving.

and the new generation Sylphy even more thorough, look just like a new car line, had the calm of the middle-aged uncle, transformed into a handsome guy. Body design with dynamic, young and theme in the C-pillar and rear of the vehicle has a unique design.

on the interior and new Sylphy Angkesaila are two styles, these two cars consumers are in fact very difficult intersection together. Xuanyi force were more interior design, three circular intermediateHair mouth firmly occupy the interior of the place, but the interior and not too much of a sense of science and technology but be practical.


new Mazda 3 Angkesaila and not using the latest developed compression ignition gasoline engine, is still equipped with 1.5L and 2.0L engine, did not change the new engine, but is optimized for the new car engine piston shape, and the use of new high diffusion injectors, the injection pressure up to 30Mpa. Both the engine maximum power of 117PS and 158PS, respectively, the maximum torque 148Nmiddot; m and 202Nmiddot; m, b six countries to meet emission standards. In addition to new vehicles equipped with 1.5L lowest six-speed manual gearbox, but are equipped with 6-speed manual gearbox.

In addition, with a new Mazda 3 Angkesaila GVCPlus upgraded version of the system, by controlling the output torque can be reduced lateral G value, maintain a better the body posture, and improve the tracking of the performance curve of the vehicle. Handling, the Mazda brand has been a proud product characteristics.

Nissan 1.6L sylphy using a naturally aspirated engine matches 5MT / CVT two continuously variable transmission, phase 比昂克赛拉 for Nissan Sylphy tend to be thrifty style, naturally aspirated match performance CVT gearbox aloof, on fuel economy, but has a good play. Sylphy also equipped with active grille, closed state of the motor in accordance with the air conditioning, the vehicle speed, the cooling system temperature and pressure control switch blade, the purpose of reducing the air resistance and reduced fuel consumption, which is simply beyond the configuration of the same level!

Recommended models

Mazda 3 Angkesaila 1.5L version recommended automatic quality US version, version with automatic cytoplasmic post 9000. Fewer cruise control, electric sunroof and front keyless entry and other functionsCan, but quality-type automatic version of the 2.0L version of the price will be closer together, it will directly affect the quality type automatic version of the price, the price difference to upgrade to four thousand 2.0L why not? And if you like more power, 2.0L version is recommended elegant version of automatic quality, cost-effective.

Sylphy is recommended CVT Wyatt enjoy version, of course configuration options depending on individual circumstances, there is if active safety systems preferences, then post 4000 upgrade to enjoy the intellectual version is a good choice.

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