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Toyota Coaster also be passed down from generation leadership Queen’s car. Toyota Coaster 11 type is the most prominent of many models in a Toyota Coaster 11 length of 7.005 m, width 2.04 m height 2.774 m, either from the space or the ride comfort is a desk study Queen’s car.

Toyota Coaster 11 appears, with a beige metallic paint appearance from the glass so that the totally enclosed Coaster more agile resistance, electric aviation outer swing door, the front face of chrome network, all Coaster 11 appearance masterpiece. Toyota Coaster 11 equipped with a 4.0L six-cylinder engine, surging power to provide non-stop, so Toyota Coaster climbing or with the car will not be left behind.

Toyota Coaster modified car business is now through the continuous improvement of the design of the self into the present government enterprise business reception version of choice, perhaps we wonder Toyota Coaster refit business on the market why is there such a fascination car, we can shoot through real conversion effect after the Toyota Coaster Toyota Coaster modified map to learn more about commercial vehicle unique in design, it can further reflect the modified commercial vehicle Toyota Coaster unique design.

Toyota Coaster car sales, 8 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 22 23 luxury interior conversion of imported Toyota Alphard seat, enjoyed his Tyrant all know, can be said to be the uncrowned king of the seat, has various functions, and in accordance with ergonomic design, bring you perfect enjoyment at the same time, also the most secure. African teak flooring, the more you use the more valuable. SONY top using multimedia entertainment system to meet your visual feast. Multi-layered sound design, make you feel theater-like experience. There Airbus A380 colorful dome light, with pillars seven-color breathing light, atmosphere anywhere you want to. Further toilets with toilet high pressure vacuum. Temporary headquarters office space, temporary meeting, as well as driving the road singing KTV, to sing to live up Hey, want to work, you can immediately turn into office. And move at any time.

Toyota Coaster conversion can be converted into a mobile office / bar / theater / KTV / RV to your family and guests a comfort and unexpected surprises. Lighting design interiors is also a major feature of Toyota Coaster, allowing you to from warm home-style car (feel relaxed warmth of home, release the pressure of your work), converts instantly into a serious business meeting mode (incarnation overbearing president, do not delay your treatment companies emergencies), converted to an elegant private bar (and your friends / guests drink and a laugh, poetry and far in front).

Toyota Coaster with its comprehensive functionality with leading commercial vehicle technical performance has become synonymous with versatile luxury car. Spacious, comfortable cabin, the official car COASTER application or business office car market occupies a position of absolute supremacy. COASTER there are many popular features, luxurious interior exactly one of them. Hotline; 13261183333 Weijing Li the same micro-channel

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