Jointly create Huizhi counter-Jiangqi Group and UNICEF Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement

June 9th, Kobe Division (referred to as “Bo Daxian Fei”) 22th Anniversary Si Division, Kobe, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Jiangqi Group”) signed in Hefei The strategic cooperation framework agreement, Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of Science and Technology, Jiangqi Group Party Secretary, Board of Directors, attended the signing ceremony.

Next, the two sides will give full play to their own advantages in the field of automobiles, artificial intelligence, form a comprehensive, long-term and stable strategic partnership in the field of automobile intelligent products and research and development.


At the signing ceremony, Wu Xiaoru, President of Science and Technology, General Manager of Jiangqi Group, signed an agreement on behalf of both parties. According to the agreement, both parties will cooperate in the field of smart cockpit, smart bus network, smart driving, intelligent sales service, and promote mutual benefit and win-win and achieve common development.

The strategic cooperation signing ceremony

In the field of smart cabins, the two sides will be based on Kakata Model perceive system (including voice, visual, multi-audio, multilingual, etc.), jointly explore, promoting the use of smart cockpit in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, etc.

In the field of smart car network, both parties will make full use of software development, AI cloud service, ecological aggregation, big data analysis, OTA and digital service integration capabilities for Jiang Automobile Group. Construct an intelligent network ecology with commercial vehicles to provide users with an excellent experience.

In the intelligent driving area, both parties will fully cooperate in automatic driving products, technical cooperation, data management, talent training, etc., form a special passenger car and commercial vehicle automatic driving solution in the industry, and Promote the relevant products in the mass production project.

In the field of intelligent sales service, UNICEF will use Xunfei technology and large data technology to customize passenger cars and commercial vehicles, intelligent sales service solutions for Jiangqi Group. And digital marketing operation management system, expand the business space of the River Airfoot sales and service full chain!

The ceremony, the chairman of the Jiangqi Group said, in the automotive industryThe key time of the transformation and upgrading, I hope to adopt the contract, further deepen the strategic partnership between the two sides, and “Intelligent Network” as the best architecture, the technical advantage of the forefront will help the uniqueness of the Jiangqi Group independent brand. At the same time, it is recommended to explore new cooperation opportunities around “Intelligent Manufacturing”. With industrial Internet empower Jiangqi Group in whole model, all-in-industry chain, help Jiangqi Group to build intelligent manufacturing in the “14th Five-Year” transformation. Ecology, build Anhui Industrial Internet Highlands!

Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of Kobe, said that the contract is a new gift that the Jiangqi Group is full of future generations of the 22nd anniversary. This work together is full of vast space, let the official intelligent core technology Have a bigger land! “Can understand, think”, there is a particular important significance for the intelligence of future cars. I hope that the future two sides will further communicate in the strategic level, create more cooperation mechanisms, and help the intelligent transformation of Jiangqi Group in the whole process of production, sales, enterprises, to meet the personalization needs of Jiang Auto Group, and help the river The steam group establishes a comparative advantage in the industry, and injecting new vitality for the intelligent manufacturing of Anhui!

Chairman of Liu Qingfeng and Xingxing Chairman to Commemorate the gift

Since 2012 Jiang Automobile Group and the Ministry of Science and Technology have always maintained a good cooperation. Jiangqi Group and the Bank of Science and Technology Flying Combined car speech noise reduction solution, realizing custom wake-up words, scene disappointment, main voices, etc., have formed patents and obtain “National Patent Excellence Award”. During the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, Si Wei QX debuted and opened pre-sale, the new car equipped with the “Zhi Liste” intelligent voice system developed by Kobe Duanfei, which can fully cover 272 full-time sights, with AI intelligent interaction, Bring the user a faster response speed.

This signature marks the cooperation between the two parties to develop new stairs, and both sides will actively innovate and explore in the field of automobile intelligence and network links, jointly promote advanced technology integration such as automotive industry and the large data and artificial intelligence. , Jointly strive to achieve a win-win, promote the innovation and development of Hefei City, and promote the upgrade of the Anhui Automobile Industry to achieve a number of intelligence transformation, which is a new stage of construction, modern and beautiful AnhuiNew, greater contribution!

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