Kai Chen T90 National Hot sales price

Recently, the Beijing 4S shop Kai Chen T90 full line of promotional highest combined offer 50,000 yuan, now ample store cars, full color, selling the country, no regional restrictions, to store the car without any additional conditions, to welcome all riders to store elaborate

tips:! have access to dial the car hotline (20000) decoration spree sponsored by a manufacturer during the event. We take into account the foreign customers to purchase a long way to Beijing, (car success) may be reimbursed for travel expenses [one-way train ticket to Beijing, high-speed rail tickets, airline tickets (limit two)] Taking into account foreign customers unfamiliar road to Beijing. To Beijing Car Free Shuttle, welcome to shop car.

[ 123] sold nationwide

preferential margin

are cars

2020 models 2.0L CVT probe line version

11.88 [123 ]


2020, paragraph

[123 ] 13.78

sold nationwide


is now ample car

2020 models 2.0L CVT Chi Lianchuang line version


sold nationwide


is now ample car

[] section 123 2.0L CVT 2017 fashion version State VI


sold nationwide


is now ample car [123 ]

now ample car

is now ample car

body design did not make much of a change, the piece is still rising from front to back of the waist, see very spiritual, and then the size, length and breadth were 4805/1865 / 1573mm, wheelbase 2765mm, in which the length and height have increased a little more than the old, but a small value can be neglected.

T90 latest price changes quotations Unit: million
models guidance
sold nationwide 35000 is now ample car [] [] 2020, paragraph 123 123 2.0L CVT Wyatt line version
sold nationwide 50000 is now ample car 2.0L CVT chi navigate version
[123 ]
[] [] 2017, paragraph 123 123 2.0L CVT version zhishang country VI 13.78 sold nationwide 35000
2017, paragraph 2.0L CVT version is still leading the country VI 15.48 sold nationwide 40000

Inside, the main changes in the new car mainly in the fine details of the adjustment, but overall little change. In car air-conditioning control panel beneath the outlet from the polygon model of cash becomes inverted trapezoidal design, with multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel and the seat of the diamond lattice and the like, so that the texture of the interior of the vehicle and on a higher level.

power, the new T90 Kai Chen whole system comes standard MR20 2.0L naturally aspirated engine from Nissan, the maximum power of 110kW, maximum torque 205Nmiddot ; m, is matched CVT continuously variable transmission. Our commitment:

the highest combined offer 50,000 yuan

1. During the event.

2. I bring ID to the owner of the shop to fill vehicle information, telephone contact sales manager overseas customers in advance to complete the formalities.

3. The Company solemn promise during the event the Company to purchase any sales models can enjoy the lowest price, buy expensive make up the difference.

4. We are all models in the sale of new goods regular car. You can enjoy the Genius Warranty policy. And it can be in any country a formal 4S shop factory authorized warranty repair and maintenance as well as the first free after.

5. Beijing due to the purchase of policies of this company is now fully developed foreign markets, foreign friends come to Beijing for the success of the company car may be reimbursed for travel expenses. (With a valid ticket reimbursement of two one-way fare).

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