Kaidilake CT4 official figure released equipped with 2.0T power

Recently, Kaidilake officially launched its new car in the official figure –CT4. It is reported that the new car will be the future replacement for ATS, which uses family design language and offers two design options. Power, the new cars equipped with 2.0T engines.

“Pictured with CT4 Luxury Edition”

Kaidilake CT4-V models have been unveiled on May 31. The release is CT4 regular edition models. Compared to its performance cars, CT4 two types of exterior design, respectively Sport (sports version) and Luxury (Deluxe Edition). CT4 Sport models overall shape radical, and CT4-V model remained the same, the shield-type front grille with its large size and brand LOGO below the trapezoidal air intake, new car looks very movement. Meanwhile, both sides inverted L-shape is more slender headlamps group, the visual effect is very sharp. But the rear exhaust bilateral co two (CT4-V bilateral total four).

“Pictured with CT4 Sport Edition”

CT4 Luxury models is using a chrome grille, side windows decorative frame chrome design also uses its all-red taillights type lamp chamber, which is likewise rear exhaust bilateral co two shapes. It is understood that the new car build from Alpha-based rear-wheel drive architecture.

Inside, the overall use of the car-color (black / bordeaux; black / orange) color with the interior, and door handles, air-conditioning vent and chrome trim around Dangba be decorated with three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, so the new car looks very young. Meanwhile, new car center console uses a number of complex lines were sketched, with a large LCD screen in the control polygon and the air conditioning vent, to further enhance the car interior layering.

Power, the car will be equipped with 2.0T engine, the maximum power of 240 horsepower, 8-speed automatic transmission system matching. Meanwhile, the car will provide four-wheel drive and two kinds ofVersions for consumers to choose.

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