Kaidilake first three quarters of sales of 164,000 in China, the luxury brand ranked fourth pole What’s the secret?

lead Introduction | courage paid off

nothing to do, the car king to gather 4S street Shanghai Pu Jian Road shopping the next day. Here in the inner ring, close to Century Park, better priced house nearly 100,000. Azalea Road from Fairview to this period of 900 meters, opened a Buick, Skoda, Kaidilake, Toyota, Volvo 4S shop, understand the market very convenient.

looked at the focus of luxury brands, especially Kaidilake – exhibition hall has been a faint CT5, L-type headlamps and Fastback slipped back very eye-catching. Sales for pre-sale price 28-34 million and the insured can sign the agreement, but also has a lot of orders. Looked very calm, it seems that home sales really good.

raining do not want to play, simply looked Kaidilake sales and found a lot of interesting points.

a, the first three quarters: ranked fourth pin 164 000

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Kaidilake September sales of 18,350 vehicles in the first nine months, total sales of 164,048 vehicles. Its rival Leikesasi January-September total sales of 144,600 vehicles, so “American Luxury” pulling away “Japanese luxury” of nearly 20,000 sales. The last three months, equaling one month’s sales bit of a challenge.

Moreover, in addition to Leikesasi UX and early years of the LM, this year is no longer a new car program, LM nor the amount of walking models. The Kaidilake July, just on the new XT6,9月马上上新 CT5, are concerned about the relatively high degree of market models.

Therefore, it is easy to infer that this year the fourth high probability the Chinese luxury car market will belong to Kaidilake.

this position a few years ago is properly properly British, Jaguar Land Rover with the ” Song Siming car “was an instant sensation, then import Aurora also increase to more than 60 million 100,000. But soon, the Japanese catch up and sit in fourth position, magic is “full import” and “high hedge.”

This is actually two false statement.

imported models can do the “localization” adjusted according to the China market in the factory, such as BBA imported cars also have asphalt damping, indoor pollutants such as excessive problems. The domestic S90, XC90 can be exported to the US, Europe, and therefore can not become determine whether imports of a luxury car is “higher” standards.

high residual value is a humorous point, high above the buy, buy out the low low, real income for consumers What is the difference? The idiom “fast and loose” vividly illustrates this truth, but it was the idea seems as ancient monkeys. And when you buy a much higher purchase tax dig ah?

September Leikesasi prices forced the event, will also affect the willingness to buy potential passengers. This year at least, mine car unable to return to the fourth.

the first nine months of total Volvo sales in China is less than 11 million and has been unable to challenge Kaidilake and Leikesasi. When the XC40 a go of this volume models, sold its tepid revival of the fire has been extinguished half; when the new S60 sold abroad for a long time, China is still no news, it has been most loyal powder leave. Finally, with its huge price “resonance door” has let word of mouth suffered internal injuries.

In short, even though it is a wholly-owned by the Chinese brand in Europe, but its understanding of the Chinese market, but also the Europeans than Europeans.

Kaidilake have the last laugh, in large part because it is not as obvious commit low-level errors as opponents.

Second, the

luxury car: Equalization and Localization

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this year is Kaidilake products adjust the year, is a word: innovation.

ATS-L, XTS clear in the aftermath of the library into the product end of life, the future will be out of the market. July immediately launched its flagship SUV XT6, and popular main XT5, XT4 constitute SUV Three Musketeers. CT5 will also be available in the near future, and constitute CT6 car Jades.

After adjustment, Kaidilake products sold in the Chinese market, bid farewell to the era of pure letters, enter the letter + digital era. XT behalf of SUV models, CT on behalf of the car, the latter figure represents the size, pattern quite clear. Another change is, bid farewell to the precursor model, entered a rear-wheel drive era.

No matter how the adjustment of product, Kaidilake seem to have a main line: SUV and sedan proportions should be balanced.

Number of the previous eight months risk point of view, SUV accounted for Kaidilake 42.6%, in the lower part of the 11 luxury brands. This value is not as high as possible, such as Jaguar Land Rover’s first SUV accounted for 77.8%, but it is the most severe decline. Generally, this value is close to 50% or slightly higher, will be more conducive to sales growth.

SUV Kaidilake just proportion is between BBA, with king phase.

and the high proportion of cars in the first half, there is reason XTS and ATS-L clear the reservoir, which is expected in the second half Kaidilake the SUV / sedan will be more balanced than that.

Another advantage is: localization. As can be seen from the figure, Kaidilake localization rate is very high, it is in stark contrast to 0% of Leikesasi. It also gives the car market analysts provides a very good case: Maihao luxury cars in China, adhere to the localization of the imported good or adhere to good?

From the consumer point of view, certainly the majority of people prefer pure imported cars. From a business perspective, especially the long-term market point of view, localization is a must. Very simple, it is a manifestation of faith and sincerity, if only the Chinese market as a speculative market, certainly not a good long-term returns. In particular in 2022, passenger car joint venture shares than open, you can see more of their production in China (quasi) foreign luxury cars.

domestic models certain bad? Why do so many potential passengers in Tesla has been much-anticipated domestic Model 3?

because a consensus that China’s auto factory, whether hardware or work abroad has been catching up the factory. Since we believe Pudong Lingang novice workers, make home-made Model 3 quality stronger than American workers, why can not believe Pudong Jinqiao veteran workers make domestic Kaidilake quality is better than American workers?

Kaidilake localization advantage is also reflected in the price of space is more degrees of freedom.

For example, in the first half because it can clear the reservoir 6 standard country and faiths, it is also because the second half of the new XT6 and CT5 but not stabilize prices. As the saying goes resilient, so you can grasp certain market initiative.

and Leikesasi because of the yen’s appreciation had to make excuses prices, and finally lead to condemning the reaction of a non-domestic constraints. As for Volvo, you can imagine it’s a new product suddenly given official close price refers to the price?

from the market insight and execution, CadillacMubarak relative know better China market.


CT5 is approaching:

personalized attack the mass market

car poly Jun in the store looked for a long CT5, its headlights suddenly felt a bit familiar. Yes, a little Masuoladi déjà vu of Ghibli. Coincidentally, this store CT5 is navy blue with Ghibli’s main color like.

this association is not a bad thing, it will not be like the first, “Thai security when” notoriety tape falling part, because, after all, is still innovative and family language. Second, this association is quite positive, because Martha is also based on the famously luxurious and motion, force is still above the grid BBA.

From this perspective, Kaidilake designers with a way forty-two pull extremely heavy, is expected to be popular in the Chinese market will be more.

The overall look and feel CT5 is personalized. Headlights all models Kaidilake most personal, original duck tail also sports it’s all too clear, but unknown Dash-to-Axle part (wheel center to the Firewall section) abnormal large, insiders at a glance is a rear-wheel drive performance cars. This point, the Volvo designers have used – deliberately elongated this part of the S90, so this this is the precursor of the Nordic flagship has also déjà vu after the drive.

Of course, after the flooding Kaidilake true rear-wheel drive.

After the next 90, 00 or even after the market must be the development of the sport, personality, intelligent direction. On this point, the famously Kaidilake personalized or handy. From design to marketing, it did not lose too on this. A few years ago, Karen endorsement SRX poster on Highway 66, is still impressive. The phrase “loyal to freedom”, I do not know how many persons not let tempted far.

official price
CT5 will certainly be lower than the pre-sale of 28-34 million, which is more conducive to “personalize” the consumer to upgrade to the floor after 90 hands but the budget limits.

personalized seems to be a niche market, when in fact 90 even after 00 boarded the consumer arena, bringing together a variety of niche itself is popularized. After 70 could not understand the “non-mainstream” Jay is the mainstream after 80; but to the 90, where Jay was too mainstream rather than the inflow.

Kaidilake personalized strategy is to put every possible niche are done, and eventually become the first-line luxury brands.

Poly vehicle Summary

There is also a detail data, the first three quarters of Kaidilake the number of insurance is 166 000, its official wholesale number is 164,000. In other words, its actual retail than wholesale terminal amount of more than 2,000 units. This is prevalent in Yaku moment, relatively rare.

many details, I can see how a brand’s power system. Success is not a good advertisement by a good marketing system must be powerful force.

When the car poly Jun Rory it repetitious asked many questions, Kaidilake 4S clerk never get bored expression, although well past the off hours. The gentle girl has asked to answer, nor have significant negative evaluation of competing products. Neither sell nor cold.

had wanted to do a market survey, the results really a bit of a CT5 grass. Or else, and so its price?

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