Kia brand new cross-border electric car spy photos are expected to be unveiled in 2021

Recently, we won the spy photos of the new cross-border electric car from foreign media. The new car will be built based on modern E-GMP (global electric module platform) and is expected to be unveiled within 2021.

Since the new car is formed in modern E-GMP platform, the overall shape of the two cars is not too much based on the modern E-GMP platform. Large entrance, refer to modern Ioniq 5, and the body length is 4640/1890 / 1600mm, and the wheelbase is 3000mm. Therefore, this pure-cross-boundary car should also have a similar body size.

The power information of the new car has not been exposed, but referring to modern Ioniq 5, it is equipped with the power battery of SK Innovation brand, and the battery capacity has two types, and the battery life. The mileage is 354km and 450km, respectively (the test condition is not announced). In terms of power, WLTP is 450km models will be equipped with maximum power 313 hp (230kw) motor, and use full-wheel drive form, 0-100km / h acceleration time or only 5.2s. In terms of charging, according to foreign media, the car supports the highest exchange of 11kW, and adapts 350KW super charging piles, and the battery is charged from 20% to 80 percentage only 15 minutes. (Image Source: Motor1)

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