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Recently, the Beijing 4S shop Kia K5 full line of promotional highest combined offer 60,000 yuan, now the shop is now ample car

Tips:! During the event call the hotline car manufacturers have access to sponsorship ( 20000) decorative spree. We take into account the foreign customers to purchase a long way to Beijing, (car success) may be reimbursed for travel expenses [one-way train ticket to Beijing, high-speed rail tickets, airline tickets (limit two)] Taking into account foreign customers unfamiliar road to Beijing. To Beijing Car Free Shuttle, welcome to shop car .

[] 2019, paragraph 123 Pro 2.0L automatic Deluxe Edition Nations VI

2019 models Pro 2.0L automatic Deluxe Edition countries V

Pro 1.6T automatic fashion version of the country VI

2019, paragraph

Pro 1.6T automatic fashion version of the country V

Pro 1.6T Deluxe Edition automatically countries VI

Pro 1.6 T automatic Deluxe Edition countries V

package contents: explosion-proof membrane, fenders, carpets, perfumes, the sets, rain shield, sewing, headrest, pillow, seat covers, car linked , Bluetooth, chassis shield, welcome pedal, tire cleaners, leather seats, tachograph, tripod, fire extinguishers, steering wheel lock, DVD navigation, reversing radar.

to understand the appearance of the front face of the modeling aspects, really was not a small optimization and upgrading. In network design style more lenient “Tigers” type, although a continuation of the room, but under the honeycomb grille embellishment, so that the front is even more domineering. And headlight group in the network and the perfect blend of both sides, so that the front showing a strong three-dimensional, the rideCoupled with sharp styling of daytime running lights in the left and right sides of the lamp group, is to let the front seemed shocked a lot. From the side lines of the design point of view, the use of current popular dive waist design, in line with modern pursuit of dynamic taste.

The latest price changes offer table Unit: ten thousand yuan
models guidance sold nationwide [123 ] preferential margin
[ 123] 173 800 sold nationwide 55000
17.38 Wan sold nationwide 55000 2019, paragraph
164 800 sold nationwide 50000
16.48 Wan sold nationwide 50000 2019, paragraph
17.38 Wan sold nationwide 60000 2019, paragraph
17.38 Wan sold nationwide 60000 [123 ]

In interior design, this car is outstanding performance, whether it is with fashion, or tone or is the choice of material, much superior than the Accord. Just too many physical buttons on the center console may seem chaotic, but still great design sense, the level of expression is also very clear, then with the soft fabrics, soft touch even more.

power section, the car is provided a power 1.6T 7DCT such compositions, but also, paragraph 3 6 models in line with national standards, the accord is hard targets can not be compared, let alone with the 1.6T engine, the entire power system, rolling completely accord.

Our commitment:

1. During the event the highest combined offer 60,000 yuan.

2. I bring ID to the owner of the shop to fill vehicle information, telephone contact sales manager overseas customers in advance to complete the formalities.

3. The Company solemn promise during the event the Company to purchase any sales models can enjoy the lowest price, buy expensive make up the difference.

4. We are all models in the sale of new goods regular car. Can enjoy the Genius Warranty policy. And can be in any country a formal 4S shop factory authorized warranty repair and maintenance as well as the first free after.

5. Beijing due to the purchase of policies of this company is now fully developed foreign markets, foreign friends come to Beijing for the success of the company car may be reimbursed for travel expenses. (With a valid ticket reimbursement of two one-way fare).

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