Kia KX5 straight down the price OUR older destocking special sales

Recently, the Beijing 4S shop full line of promotional Kia KX5 highest combined offer 60,000 yuan, now the shop is now ample car

Tips:! During the event call the hotline car manufacturers have access to sponsorship (20000) decorative spree. We take into account the foreign customers to purchase a long way to Beijing, (car success) may be reimbursed for travel expenses [one-way train ticket to Beijing, high-speed rail tickets, airline tickets (limit two)] Taking into account foreign customers unfamiliar road to Beijing. To Beijing Car Free Shuttle, welcome to shop car.

[123 ] 2016 Kia KX5 latest deals table



the full amount of promotional price

automatic two drive 1.6T DLX

[ 123] 1.6T two automatic drive GL

16.68 million

↓ 6 million

↓ 6 million

2.0L automatic two drive GL

16.18 million

↓ 6 million

↓ 6 million

2.0L two automatic drive GLS

[ 123] 171 800

KIA KX5 Appearance: New Kia KX5 vehicle body length and wheelbase, have to run a little cash to upgrade than wisdom. Wheelbase (2670mm), and the performance of modern Tucson consistent between Escape and Honda CR-V, at this level is in the upper level. As the latest works of one of the three automotive designers in the world • Peter Schreyer’s, KX5 with its groundbreaking design language, the interpretation of subversive new image. Kia family symbol “Tigers style front face” continuity, HID xenon headlights sharp styling, innovative and more unique upgrade to the Internet before the party, with the front LED fog lights with a more three-dimensional visual effects.

[ 123]
17.68 million ↓ 6 million ↓ 6 million
↓ 6Wan ↓ 6 Wan

2016, paragraph

aspects of power KX5 KIA, KIA KX5 equipped with 2.0L naturally aspirated, 1.6 Both T turbocharged engine, naturally aspirated 2.0L models the maximum power, torque, respectively 121kw (165ps) / 6200rpm, 203Nm / 4700rpm, with its matching the 6-speed manual and 6-speed manual transmission two. Maximum power 1.6T turbo models, respectively, the torque 130kw (177ps) / 5500rpm, 265Nm / 1500-4500rpm, its speed to match the dual-clutch gearbox 7. Plenty of power, smooth shifting, good fuel economy, which is DYK from. 2016 Kia KX5 power system gives the user the greatest feeling.

Our commitment:

1. During the event the highest combined offer 60,000 yuan.

2. I bring ID to the owner of the shop to fill vehicle information, telephone contact sales manager overseas customers in advance to complete the formalities. During the

3. The Company’s solemn commitment to activities of the Company to purchase any of the models in the sale areEnjoy the lowest price, buy expensive make up the difference.

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