King-made compact class struggle! Roewe i5 and Geely Dorsett GL how the election?

own brand in the compact class in the field are strong, cost-effective price configuration can provide higher than the joint venture brands, and on the hardware design and color values ​​maturity, increasingly sophisticated in its own brand has been gradually shortening and joint ventures gap car, so own-brand compact-class model to become one savvy consumer choice.

which, Geely Dorsett GL and Roewe i5 is particularly typical example, if you expect to start a compact-class car at around 100,000, then these two models who more appropriate?

2016 Geely Dorsett cumulative total sales volume has been successful beyond 1 million, among the “Million Dollar Club” , while Geely Dorsett GL is the strong point of the product is to create “a + grade” product experience for the price range of 78 800 -12.18 million for perspective, pricing is still maintained at the price of a-class car, new car wheelbase 2700mm, 2680mm slightly longer than some of the Roewe i5, i5 Roewe price 6.89-11.59 million and the difference in price competition will remain at the same interval.


[ 123] from the appearance, design auspicious Imperial GL favor of younger individual, auspicious iconic ripple grille is dazzling identification, on the rear portion as compared visually to raise the number of passenger cars, such that from the point of view to the side of the body posture will create a dive and for young people to pursue individuality and sporty.

The Roewe i5 style to bias, “Japanese car” taste, creating a more mature sense of quality feel. To create a dynamic design lines of the body. In oversized inverted trapezoidal front grille across the entire front face, extending from the grille headlights profile to create a “T” shape, a compact car level, the design of such a drasticIt has a sense of quality and very imposing.


Interior, the two the car’s overall style is different. Geely Dorsett GL aviation around the integrated cockpit design, with a certain configuration function key layout, and multimedia display screen, the overall look is a sense of quality and luxury feeling will be more intense number.

The Roewe i5 to “Internet car” as the highlight of the interior in the control screen becomes C focus position. 8 inches /10.1 inch touch screen integrated in the control of most functions, minimizes interior buttons, including zebra system blessing of the vehicle computer interconnect systems have more different sense of science and technology in everyday driving, look at the steering wheel, door panels and other parts of the center console and are used including cortical, good faith.


Power, Imperial GL has 3 Five different sets of engine + gearboxes available to consumers, 1.8L engine are matched 6-speed manual transmission or a dual clutch transmission 6 speed DCT, the matching engine 1.4T 6-speed manual transmission or CVT gearbox, 1.5 T 7 match engine speed DCT dual-clutch gearbox.

It is precisely because Geely continuous improvement in market segments, including on the same model can provide a variety of different powertrain, to meet different consumer spending habits, to the foot choice, providing the necessary conditions for the sales of myth.

roewe i5 is equipped 1.5T 1.5L naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, naturally aspirated 5 were equipped with an engine and CVT two-speed manual gearbox, the engine and turbocharger matching 7-speed double clutch gearbox. Naturally aspirated engine maximum power of 120ps, peak torque 150Nm; turbo engine is able to provide the maximum power 169ps, peak torque of 250Nm more adequate power reserve.

models recommended

If more Geely Dorsett GL favor, and pay more attention to fuel consumption in consumer habits, then recommend 1.4TCVT enjoy distinguished intellectual type. “China chip” 1.4T match CVT gearbox, power output tuning more suitable for home scene, there will not be too obtrusive power emerged. Elite and distinguished chi chi type enjoy enjoy difference type 1 million, but a full multi adaptive cruise, the main driving an electric regulator, and the main passenger seat heating LED arranged at the distance light, can be said that this value back ten thousand yuan fare.

The Roewe i5 launch of three CVT version of the model, the price from 74 900 -8.39 Wan I the recommendation will be equipped with 4G Internet automatically lead ho Ultimate. Compared with low with the CVT, with the difference over 5000 full LCD instrument panel, cruise control, 360deg; panorama image, 10.1 inches in the control LCD display, LED light luxury distance, although the installation is far greater than the late value of 5000, and the most important point is that these configurations are able to greatly enhance the sense of quality and practical everyday car configuration.

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