“Korean Trends 290” Modern Kona EV The cause of the fire is LG battery?

The controversy between Modern Motors and LG about Kona EV recall is very intense. This is because the Minister of Land Traffic announced the results of the Kona EV, but LG is opposed. Now, the recall of electric vehicles is not only the problem of car defects, but also the confrontation between automakers and battery manufacturers.

According to the abstract of the South Korea’s land transport province, the main reasons for the fire on modern Kona EVs are as follows:

First, leading to Kona The reason for the fire in electric cars is that the battery manufacturing defect (cathode wiring fold), which occurs in some high-voltage batteries produced by LG Energy Solutions China Nanjing factory (September 2017 to July 2019).

Second, due to short-circuit phenomena, there is a possibility of fire, wherein the cathode and an anode tab are adhered to each other due to poor batteries. However, although experiments were carried out under the folding conditions of the negative electrode tabs, there was no fire in the event.

Third, it has been confirmed that modern automotive companies mistakenly use the battery management system (hereinafter referred to as BMS), and plan to further confirm whether it is related to the fire. However, excessive charging is not caused by fire.

Finally, the Kona EV fire eventually led to quality problems in the LG batteries produced by the Chinese factory.

Land transportation province said: “Modern Automotive and LG have not completed investigations against battery defects, but have decided to replace existing high-voltage battery systems (BSA) with improved products to protect consumers.”

However, the current survey results are a bit disappointing. This is because the direct causal relationship of fire is not clearly determined. Since October, Since October last year, it has been experimenting with defective batteries. It has found that the battery is damaged and folded the negative electrode, but there has been no fire. As a result, the failure to prove that the cause of the fire is the direct causal relationship between the battery.

This seems to be the reason why LG cannot accept modern cars.

LG official said: “We plan to actively cooperate with modern car to ensure consumers safe,” but he said: “It is difficult to treat battery defects released by the land transportation province as direct fire.” Causes of fires Not a battery problem, but the BMS of modern cars is not properly applied. However, according to modern mutual statement, there are 9 Kona electric vehicles that have occurred in the fire in 15 Kona electric vehicles in the event of BMS. This means that more than half of the angle vehicles are related to the BMS with the error.

Korean land transport ministers and modern cars seem to be a bit embarrassed. LG has submitted a report to the Land Traffic Provincial, pointing out that the fall of Kona EV battery negative slices is likely to be the cause of fire. The Land Traffic Provincial reflects this and announced the results of the survey, but LG denied this.

Chairman Zheng Yi Xuan and LG Group, Chairman, Extended, in June 2020, in the factory meeting in LG Chem [ 123]

The reason why modern and LG quarrels is very simple. Because the recall fee is too high.

According to the Kona EV of modern cars, the estimated total cost of this recall is approximately 1 trillion won. Assessment from modern and LG.

Therefore, who is the proportion of this share to the final cause of fire. In the end, it is a LG battery problem, or the BMS problem of modern automobile companies, the payment ratio is different, but according to the situation already mastered, LG will bear a greater proportion.

Further, LG is not only a battery for modern cars and various automakers. If the recall is completely determined by the quality of the company’s battery, then the electric car in the abroad will have a bigger responsibility. This is even more unfavorable in future orders and cooperation with automakers.

Review this recall incident, conflicts between modern cars and LG companies are due to the unclear conclusions of the South Korea’s land transportation. Through this incident, it is estimated that automakers and battery systemThe contradiction between the contradictors will be more intense.

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