“Korean Trends 356” Koreans are most expected to introduce automotive brands, it is a list

despite the modern Kia car South Korea’s domestic market share is as high as 90%, but the Korean users are still very loved on imported cars. According to the Data of the South Korea Imported Automobile Association, in 2020, South Korea imported 276,143 German cars, accounting for 67.7 percentage of total import cars, Instead of Germany imported cars account for only 32.2 percentages, down 7.6 percentage than the previous year. The market share, including the Japanese imported cars, the British imported car and French imported cars have been greatly declosed.

, after the new energy car age, South Korea’s choice of imported cars is more diversified. Recently, there is a Korean car website to investigate Korean users, the theme of the investigation is the most expected to introduce the South Korean market. Foreign car brands. A total of 11,889 people participated in the investigation.

The fifth of the flight

is from China’s flight, with a total of 832 people vote, accounting for More than 7.0 percentage. This is also the first time that China’s brand has become the most expecting the introduction of Korean users.

Founded in 2014, it has a large number of large enterprises such as Tencent, Lenovo, Jingdong, and the fastest pure electric sports car in Newborn Green through EP9.

The 2021, the car released the endless electric car ET7, which can reach 1000 kilometers, once again attracted attention.

The attraction of the flight is not only through the product itself, but also the usual car also has its own voice assistant, and it can achieve various functions, and it is also a business that is still building its infrastructure, such as super Fast charge and power saving station. 2020, the market has sold 43,700 in the China market, an increase of 112.6 over the previous year.

From this year, it is a US car plan to enter the European market.



Ranking is the American classic pickup brand RAM. 1556 people voted, accounting for 13.1%.

The RAM brand is a very well-known Pickha brand in the United States. At that year, the era of Chrys was once a Dodge’s pickup brand, but after the FCA merged, it has been separated into a separate brand.

RAM’s product line is mainly pickup, covering 5 types of pickles from 1500 to 5500. RAM Picard has been selected as 2019 North American brand, proved its strength. Ram Pickup surrendered Chevrolet Silverado last year and won the second place in the full-size pickup market.


The third place is GMC, with 2523 people voted, accounting for 21.2%. GMC is a brand, mainly producing the Pipards and SUVs of General Vehicles,

and produces large SUV Acadia, full-size SUV YUKON, medium-sized Picard Canyon and large pickup Sierra. Recently, as a Hummer, the Hummer GMC attracted people’s attention.

Hummer EV was released last year, which is equipped with the latest “Ultium” battery and General Motor Autonomous Electric Vehicle Drive Unit “Ultium Drive”, which has added an E-4WD system to ensure powerful off-road system. performance.

Skoda, West Yatt

The second name is Skoda and West Asia, 3,184 people vote, accounting for 26.8%. Both companies are brands of the Volkswagen Group, and shared all the powertrain and platforms of the Volkswagen. However, the price is cheaper than the public. In fact, Volkswagen South Korea has even considered two brands into South Korea, but eventually did not introduce. Skoda is a Czech Republic, 1895At the First World War and the Second World War and the democratization of the Czech Republic, he was acquired by Volkswagen Company in 1991. Today, many models in Skoda have become the most direct competitor of modern Kia in the European market.

SEAT is a Spanish car brand established in 1950. After joining the Volkswagen Group in 1990, the company was incorporated into Audi in 2002.

Alpha MIDDOT; Romeo

ranking first is Italian brand Alpha Middot; Romeo 3794 people vote, accounting for 31.9% . Alpha Middot; Alfa Romeo is a Italian brand and has more than 100 years of history. Since 1920, he participated in various racing movements including the first-class equation (F1). Even the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, also in Alpha Middot; Alfa Romeo team as a rider.

The most famous models of the most famous models are Giulia, sports sedan. Equipped with a six-cylinder gasoline turbine engine based on Ferrari engine, the maximum output power is 510 horsepower. The weight distribution before and after is designed to 50:50, and carbon fibers are widely used throughout the body. Based on this, it has created a record of the fastest four cars in Newbergrin.

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