“Korean Trends 365” modern high-performance vehicle will expand the use of pure electric or hydrogen fuel?

With the era of new energy After the arrival, each car brand was found in the direction of the new energy direction, in fact, new energy vehicles are particularly suitable for developing high-performance vehicles.

In particular, pure electric vehicles are substantially no power delay, which can achieve the level of performance vehicles. Therefore, like Tesla, Jimei Auto, Xiaopeng, although their positioning starting points are not manufacturing a performance car. But when they use pure electric drive, they have a considerable level of performance.

Now, even the red flag brand is also developing its own super sports car, but the red flag of the super sports car, not pure electric, maybe insert mixing.

Now the car actually started to develop high-performance cars as long as possible. Modern cars are still relatively secure, digging former team of BMW M., leader is called Albert Middot; Bilman. He is the chief engineer of the former BMW M. is currently serving as the head of the modern car N department, the President of the R & D Department of Modern Motor Group.

And the high performance department “N” of modern cars was established. The two high-performance models introduced first are pure fuel cars. However, with the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology in modern automobile group, and the introduction of pure electric vehicle exclusive platform.

Modern high-performance vehicles will also develop in the direction of hydrogen fuel cells and pure electric.

Thomas Shimiera, Vice President of Modern Automobile Customer Experience, said: “Modern Motor Group’s electric vehicle platform E-GMP has great potential, the first electric The high-performance N series models will be created based on the E-GMP platform. ”

This is not the first time that modern cars refer to the introduction of E-GMP-based high-performance cars. Modern Motor Group Research and Development Headquarters Albert MiddleOT; Albert Beerman emphasized that by December 2020, the E-GMP platform could address up to 600 horsepower power. I have launched a high-performance vehicle in this past, which is EV6 GT, with a maximum output of 584 horsepower, which can reach 100 km / h from a stationary state only in 3.5 seconds.

In terms of high performance pure electric vehicles, modern cars have an attempt to launch a car called RM20E. It is not a model for mass production. Just for high performance characteristics, a car specially developed. It uses a central motor and a rear drive transformation to bring better stability and handling. Equipped with 800 volts and frequency conversion technologies, the maximum power of the motor is 810 horsepower, and the rear wheel torque is 960 cattle MIDDOT; rice. 0-100 km / h / hour acceleration is only 3.5 seconds, the maximum speed can reach 250 km / h.

In addition, modern cars also consider combining pure electric vehicles with hydrogen fuel batteries, which also implies that modern cars are very High performance cars based on hydrogen fuel cell technology may be introduced.

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