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Laser radar version of the model, Xiaopeng P5 is about to be listed

Xiaopeng P5 officially unveiled, and announced that it will be officially launched on September 15 and will be delivered at the end of October. A total of three constant versions of the model were launched, and the pre-sale price range was 16-230,000 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new car lengths are 4808/1840 / 1520mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2768 mm. The front face is equipped with an active intake grille, and both sides are equipped with rare laser radar, quot; X element quot; through the front headlight set adopts LED light source, reflects the feeling of technology in technology.

In terms of interior, Xiaopeng P5 is the “third space”, which is equipped with XMART OS 3.0 system-dominated interactive cocktail to meet the interaction of human-computer. Personality needs. In addition, all systemic OTA upgrade services, overall effects are intelligent and convenient.

Aspect, as a compact car, the new car is equipped with a maximum power of 155kW, the maximum torque 310nmIddot; M drive motor, and provides three battery selection They are equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery group having a capacity of 55.9 kWh. The operating capacity is 460km, and the three-dimensional lithium battery pack with a capacity of 66.2kWh is equipped with a capacity of 550km. There is also a capacity. For 71.4 kWh ternary lithium battery pack, the operating capacity can reach 600km.

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