“Laughing stock” on the car, every minute refresh your knowledge!

I do not know if you have not found the story of counter-attack can be quite popular in today. After most of these stories have a similar structure, a start become a “laughing stock” of the protagonist, after unremitting efforts, grow step by step as “Long Batian”, the once high above the people one by one step on the foot, seen simply makes whole body refreshed.

However, on top of the car in fact there are many ” laughing stock “, which are a considerable number of car owners or keyboard God who calls the” laughing stock. ” But in fact, they may not be true, but its “true colors” may be completely refresh your understanding Oh!

daytime running lights

turn on the lights during the day, such behavior is not wasted electrical brain damage, of course, exceptions to the bad lighting. But in Malaysia on the road driving, or lit two lights, there may be an LED, which is brain damage or costs of electricity it? In fact, daytime running lights of truth just like poor lighting during the day at home to turn on the lights of truth is approaching.

When the light intensity is low when the daytime lights can play a good supporting role, its purpose is not to allow owners to see the road ahead, but to more clearly identify to drive their own vehicles to avoid collisions between each other. And with the growing popularity of LED technology, the daytime running lights shape is also more varied, so many car companies will spend thought the vehicle high enough to create recognizable daytime running lights, one to improve its own role, and secondly to make the vehicle more style, more sense of technology.

Plastic bumper

two vehicles collided with a car in which only a slight depression, another car’s bumper completely scrapped, but also exposing the inside of the plastic foam. This image upload was overwhelming in the network, and each sent out can leadSince a lot of attention and comments, commentary is overwhelmingly ridicule plastic bumper.

In fact, if the role of daytime running lights It is to allow yourself to look at the car; then one role of plastic bumpers is to protect pedestrians. The emergence of the plastic bumper is actually very consistent with the trend of the times, the last bumper with metal as a material, if the vehicle rigidity is very high, in the event of a collision course, can guarantee the vehicle unharmed, but crashed into a pedestrian might kick in, and in the absence of energy absorption, the car’s staff will also be a very strong impact, combined with the rear do not like wearing a seatbelt habits, rear passengers have the opportunity to completely “out of the carriage.”

and the emergence of the plastic bumper, good mitigation of such cases. First, when the collision, the pedestrian can be subjected to small impact, thereby obtaining a certain degree of protection; Second, because the energy-absorbing middle foam collapse, will reduce the impact of the vehicle; Furthermore, compared metal material, plastic bumpers also more economical in maintenance costs.

So now, if you still laugh suck can, plastic bumpers, then you are not ignorant, just do not put the safety of others looked down on.

torsion beam suspension

torsion beam suspension has a nickname – dray suspension. The name of a good representation of its image in people’s minds: simple, cheap. Even many people rant: “! In front independent suspension, torsion beam is a slag” as if the gap between non-independent suspension and independent suspension, just as the gap between discrete graphics and non-graphics card in general.

in the industry, the simple does not necessarily mean better, but simple certainly nice. why? Because of the emergence of the industry, this is to make the complex become simple manualAssembly line work, so people at the mouth torsion beam suspension in no way in the industry is so unsightly. Simple, low cost means; simple, means easier to control; simple, low maintenance costs mean.

In addition, you do not misjudge the car, the car but a very complex process, so the vehicle is not fully demonstrated by the performance of a structure can be determined. Give you a few examples, before former New Zealand North steepest drove Civic Type-R is then used torsion beam suspension, Megane RS the same. The field of family cars, PSA torsion beam has proven to us from a variety of products.

Second, even if we set aside products, look at the structure itself, the torsion beam is also a very clever structure, it has a pretty good plasticity, can produce different combinations to achieve different performance under different tuning. Why would it prejudice? After all, it is because of the lack of sufficient knowledge, impetuous from economic considerations only.

car manual

all cars will have a product manual, but really seen a few? But if you read, you will find that in fact, you have to ask hard questions of the god in the network, a considerable part of the answer can be found in this manual. Even more, you might find you do not know, “egg” in this manual.

any one car, are a group of designers worked hard to It works, so for all aspects of this work, no one will understand more than they do. Among these, in addition to the use of the car, including some failure problems of the vehicle, the designers will be very close to written instructions inside.

Therefore, even if you do not read the instructions, I would suggest that you put in the manual car. Perhaps one day out of luck, or a vehicle spare parts problems, took out the instructions can be resolved, not only save time, but also save the cost of maintenance, why not?

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