Leapfrog with build quality to uncover the mysteries of the new MG ZS chassis

by the tens of thousands of car parts, different parts supplied by different vendors, car prices can not only be the task of all the parts assembled together so simple, from early development to parts of the test, and then durability test vehicle, the whole process is extremely tedious but crucial, need car prices researchers resistant heart a little bit debugging.

But then, more domestic consumers tend to pay more attention to the car when the surface, such as design, interior materials, power and other parameters, very little attention to whether a new car with excellent quality, and excellent driving experience is a test car prices developers of the various components match, whether profound adjustment skill standards. As we all know, the new MG ZS is a balance between value and color manipulation, popular with young people in the SUV, then the “invisible” chassis side it has a kind of care and thought of it? With questions, I walked into the shop SAIC test.

a strong supplier base escort

relying on SAIC suppliers supporting system, the new MG ZS a global provider of integrated excellent resources for their escort. Among them, the front and rear of the vehicle suspension, subframe is provided by Shanghai Huizhong, SACHS shock absorbers supplied by Germany, the electric power steering is provided by the German BOSCH, steering knuckle and provided by the FJW Fuji. Communication with R & D personnel, I learned that, after so many years of development, SAIC supplier system has been very mature, while the new MG ZS full use of this advantage, the new MG ZS leading provider of most of the parts by are responsible to provide, in addition to more secure in terms of quality, but also easy to track the source of spare parts at the same time.

to select high-quality suppliers only the first step to success, how to develop and test a key adjustment is to build a good car. According to reports, the new MG ZS in the chassis tuning, SAIC engineers and chassis tuning Porsche team in-depth cooperation, ensure good handling and comfort.

components optimized to enhance the ride quality

In order to achieve advanced driving texture, SAIC R & D platform for original ZS comprehensive optimization and upgrading, which is the focus for parts for optimization. Engineers scene for us rise upA brand new MG ZS, and then placed around the disassembled parts to help us be more careful observation, so upgrade the chassis side of the new MG ZS in Where is it?

First, the sub-frame connected to 6:00, 20% or more rigid riser

The new MG MacPherson front suspension uses ZS Johnson-type independent structure, this suspension structure will not take up too much space for the engine compartment, for this model to a compact transverse engine is helpful. Most of the front suspension with steel materials, the middle perforation helps to reduce unsprung weight.

The new front subframe MG ZS is provided by Shanghai Huizhong, and similar models commonly used “4:00 connection type “the difference is that it uses” 6:00 connecting “structure, i.e., sub-frame and the vehicle body has six connection points, the original intention of this design is to ensure the rigidity of the vehicle body. Quality control, Shanghai Huizhong provide sub-frame 100 by a percentage of the welding robot, and the mold using TD / PVD coating process, reducing the friction of the sheet material, the stamping process so as to prevent damage to indicate parts.

It is reported, as compared to older models, new MG ZS optimized for local sub-frame structure, the thickness of the lap joint body, to enhance the overall rigidity of the subframe 20% or more, most intuitive expression when the vehicle is running rough road noise greatly improved.

two, U-shaped torsion beam non-independent rear suspension

The new MG ZS rear suspension type torsion beam non-independent suspension, torsion beam has a high overall rigidity, and other characteristics of simple structure, but also form the suspension level models commonly used. The new axle suspension MG ZS cylindrical torsion spring beams of separate design, mainly in order to obtain a better load distribution.

Also provided by Shanghai Huizhong torsion beam using a special U-variable cross-section of the twist beam, it is possible to enhance the torsional characteristics and stability of the chassis. Materials, the high strength steel beam Baosteel QSTE500, the percentage of 30 -50 percent increase material strength than ordinary SAPH440ratio.

In addition, the rigidity of the twist beam further double air bushing, in addition to both comfort and handling, but it also has good vibration damping NVH performance.

Third, the integration of three steering feel, heart switch

may be interested in the new MG ZS friends all know, it can switch the power steering in the light, and calm the standard three modes, which are more suitable for light models female drivers, the standard mode to meet the daily driving needs of most people, it is more steady mode conducive to the driver to complete some intense driving action. In fact, the new MG ZS of the EPS electric power steering system from Bo Shihua prison (formerly ZF ZF), knuckle by Fuji and companies.

Fourth, the tire specifications upgrade

The new MG ZS selection of Michelin tires, size 215/50 R17 upgrade from older to 215 / 55 R17, wherein the thickening of the carcass 11 mm, tire noise, comfort is some improvement.

To further highlight sports performance, MG ZS new red front and rear brake calipers mounted configuration, and indicate that treatment and spraying process, having a durable, impact-resistant and water IMPACTOR performance, even in extreme high temperature, low temperature condition does not occur caliper red powder coating, peeling.

editor, said: MG ZS will be a launch with excellent design to attract the attention of young consumers, but as a flagship brand of sport, in fact, is the manipulation of its most laudable local. The new MG ZS in retaining the original sports performance at the same time, through the optimization of the chassis, so that it would be enhanced comfort, these are inseparable from SAIC R & D team carefully crafted in the chassis tuning, parts of the process. By visiting and exchange, I learned that the new MG ZS by almost every well-known parts suppliers, while the new MG ZS chassis, whether it is work, materials, design and protection are doing very place, so this not difficult to understandWhy is today’s ZS can become so versatile.

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