Leikesasi NX 300 special limited edition version of the official map 200

Recently, Leikesasi officially launched NX 300 Black Line Special Edition (literally translated as black line Special Edition) models official map, new cars in the car body uses more black elements, making the overall new car bias cool black style. The regular edition models, the new car has four-wheel drive version or a precursor for consumers to choose. In addition, special edition models will be in November 2019 in the overseas sale, limited edition 2000.

Appearance, based on the new car build Edition NX 300, which employs a black grille, the black fog lighting elements, black endoscopy and other design, looks kind of feeling Darth Vader. In addition, dual-color black gold car uses five 18-inch wheels and a body-color wheel eyebrow. Zhidezhuyi is, do not be fooled special version of the model name, in fact, more than a new car with black paint. Officials said the new car provides Eminent White Pearl (Pearl White) Nebula Gray Pearl (Nebula Gray) or Matador Red Mica (mica red) three body color.

Inside, the interior no large change in the overall design, but at the car door trim using bronze its seats, center console, door panels and floor mats, etc. also have adopted the bronze stitching to make it look more texture. Power, special edition models will continue to be equipped with 2.0T engine, maximum power of 238 horsepower and peak torque of 350 Nm, matching 6-speed manual gearbox transmission system. Price, the front-wheel drive model is $ 44,710 (now about 318,416 yuan), four-wheel drive version is $ 46,110 (now about 328,386 yuan).

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