Lemon DHT mixed platform first test, will it really like electric vehicles?

Last week, Teacher State was invited to Shandong Rizhao to participate in the first model of the lemon DHT mixed platform, and experienced the first HEV power platform of state-owned independent brands. They also felt that many friends were very The actual driving experience of the lemon DHT mixed platform.

When it is in the case, the state teacher is very doubtful, because as a media that is mainly reported by new energy vehicles, electric Bang has been HEV. The car is not much more concerned. Naturally, it is very confused when the Test Drive invitation of the HEV model is very confusing.

After the staff of the manufacturer staff, the teacher’s question is to say that wey is the most important technical point for this new SUV, and the DHT mixing technology is The advantage is to maximize, on a car with a source of fuel, realize the driving experience similar to pure electric vehicles, so participation from new energy professional media is indispensable.

So this Wey’s internal code V51 SUV, as the second SUV of the coffee platform, is also the first model using lemon DHT hybrid power assembly. Do you have a driving feel similar to a pure electric car? Today, the teacher said to tell you.

Before driving

Before testing, Wey’s hybrid drive Liu Bao minister first gave all the media participating in the test drive, detail Explain the working principle of DHT. The system consisting of internal combustion engines, generators, batteries, electric motors, and double-speed direct-driven speed boxes are the first set of autonomous intellectual property rights that can realize the PHEV / HEV double mixing mode, especially their HEV mode, breaking Toyota, Honda’s monopoly in the HEV field, calculated that the light of domestic goods in the automotive field.

First, the illustration of the DHT is shown by a hand-disabled small editor.

Of course, this structure looks particularly complex, below, the state teacher according to the classNote, divided into several working conditions, striving to make the characteristics of lemon DHT mixing technology to make a comprehensive display of the Bangyou.

This is now the mode that now has a mode of mixing, even THS in Toyota. The power distribution system has also introduced pure electric drive from THS-2. After all, in medium and low speed mode, the efficiency and experience of pure electric drive is best.

Lemon DHT’s EV model relative to other HEV systems, there is a huge advantage, that is, the capacity and power of the power battery are larger, 1.7kWh power and up to 70KW discharge power can provide better. Purified drive experience.

The series mode is more similar to the extension mode, the internal combustion engine drives the generator, and the generator dynamically distribute power according to the needs. Ability, part of the motor, drive the vehicle, part of the battery, store electric energy, and the battery can also directly supply power to the electric motor, improve the power performance.

This series of series is most common in the middle and low speed scenes, and the vehicle is completely in pure electric drive, and the overall driving experience and electric vehicles are not different.

This is the most innovative part of the DHT hybrid system, adding a set of high speeds. Directly driven by the internal combustion engine, greatly increases the proportion of the internal combustion engine direct drive, because according to the analysis, in the medium speed, the internal speed, the internal combustion engine can increase the efficiency of 3% by the series pattern through the direct drive than the series pattern. In the most common speed interval in which the medium speed interval is most commonly used in this time, the efficiency is improved, which is remarkable for improving fuel consumption performance.

In addition, the dashed part of the picture is that the internal combustion engine can be charged to the generator while being saplified while driving the vehicle while driving the vehicle. Further enhance the comprehensive thermal efficiency of the entire power system, and do not waste 1 joule energy.

This is a special mode of the vehicle’s large load, that is, climbing, urgent acceleration, etc. In this state, in this state, the motor, internal combustion engine simultaneously drives the vehicle, and reaches the driving ability to maximize. When the battery is powered, it also supplies power to the generator, and the generator drives the internal combustion engine speed to rapidly climbing. Further enhance the power performance.

This parallel model is mainly used to solve the problem of poor performance in large load fields in large load fields. From the actual test drive experience, the effect is remarkable, but there are also some questions, details below Partially expand.

Energy recovery mode

This pattern believes that it is not necessary to talk, what is obtained, there is no understanding of difficulty.

Ok, I have seen so much like the general explanation of the average papers, I believe everyone has already tolerate it, so the teacher will go to the main dishes. Let’s talk to you. This test drive Wei internal code V51 The SUV opened up, is it like an electric car like a manufacturer? before opening the road, look at the appearance of a few eyes, don’t say that there is a place with an electric car, which is the car.

The design of the hidden exhaust pipe, so that this car looks at the end of the car, especially easy to recognize electric vehicles. From the side of the vehicle, the hub design of the obvious part of the small number one is also easy to let people go to the pure electric vehicle.

According to our communication, this 18-inch hub is indeed selected for energy consumption. But from the aesthetics, the 18-inch hub is obviously not coordinated, so that the side view of the whole body is quite awkward. I don’t know if I have a real listing in May, I will not provide 19 inch or even 20 inchless options. This beautiful body side line, if it is aesthetically lost, it is really a pity.

There is also the front face design of this mask style in the picture above. The two-color front face is really not suitable for each color. It is good at the manufacturer’s test drive. It is two front face styles. Obviously it will look more smoothly.

Of course, this front face is most conspicuous or this LOGO, which is enlarged 120%, this statement, 120 percentage here is not exaggerated, but a Very rigorous data. To be honest, this LOGO has some aesthetic comfort of the state. I don’t know how the Bangyou will see this top-standing Logo. The comment area tells us.

The first

, which is indeed a portion like an electric vehicle. The most important thing is to smooth, really and the electric car is facing up. The previously mixed championship is undoubtedly a Toyota THS system because the E-CVT gearbox can be said to be the ultimate, and of course, the cost of return is generally dynamic.

The smoothness of DHT exceeded the expectation of the Teacher State. More working modes, two-speed gearbox for internal combustion engine direct drive, has caused more obstacles to smoothness. However, the final adjustment effect is good, fully utilizing the rapid characteristics of the instantaneous power output in the motor, so that the motor is torque in the wheel, so that the torque output on the tire can maintain a smoothing curve regardless of how the working mode is switched. In the smoothness, DHT can be filled, reaching the goal of the electric car.


, in addition to smoothness, other expressions and electric vehicles still have significant differences, the largest difference is mainly two aspects.

The first is NVH, this is no way, the HEV system is mainly dependent on internal combustion engine, even if Wey has made a lot of NVH optimization on this V51, the final NVH performance is also a class outstanding in the fuel car, but Compared with the electric vehicle, it is still insufficient. I don’t know if I haven’t developed the active noise reduction system that has not been completed in this test drive.Give people a surprise.

Secondly, the urgent acceleration performance between the operation is also the power output in high load. In the test drive, if the acceleration pedal in the line is deep, the response speed of the power broke out is still very obvious. After all, The parallel mode requires that the generator reversal drives the rapid speed of the internal combustion engine speed to provide additional outbreak torque, so the entire feeling is like a turbine hysteresis, and it is necessary to react, and suddenly broke out.

In fact, the difference in this two points belongs to my pure electric car’s old driver’s blowing, because in these two aspects, this DHT model has been more than traditional fuel gains. With a significant progress, the experience is still a gap than the electric car.

So my conclusion is that for traditional fuel truck users, this is indeed a product that is very similar to electric vehicles, but for users who truly habit, it can be said But it is really not as picture.

As for many friends, the fuel consumption performance is very concerned, because the test environment is not rigorous enough, and the test mileage is only less than 110 kilometers, the road is not rich enough, the teacher also does not have too much fuel consumption of this car. High grasp. From this 100-kilometer performance, we should be able to say goodbye with the oil tiger, normal driving, urban area 5 or so, high speed but 7 should be the fuel consumption performance that everyone can open.

As for the fuel consumption limit, there is more tests to be listed to give the answer.

State Review

Overall, the first SUV model with DHT mixed technology is quite high, because this test drive is confidential The agreement is limited, we can only talk about some of the appearance and driving experience. Other parts of the interior and scientific configuration cannot be disclosed, so the teacher can only say that Wey’s V51 is the second as a coffee platform. The car, but also the first model of DHT, the comprehensive product is very hard, as long as the pricing strategy does not make mistakes, sales should be good.

Further, through the experience of this HEV version of the DHT, the state teacher is more expected to PHEV version of DHT, after all, in the Phev model,The internal combustion engine is upgraded from 1.5 natural inhalement to 1.5T turbocharge, and the power increases by 100 cow middot; rice, motor power from 110KW to 130kW, and larger power battery can also provide more powerful discharge capabilities, believe that The power performance of the PHEV system will be very impressive, and it is also more likely to do it like an electric car.

Finally, please allow the teacher to float, is there really a big trend? Is it necessary to use “starting like electric vehicles as” same “like electric vehicles”? If the truth is not the case, please don’t tell me, let the teacher believe in this!

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