Less than 100,000 from the sale of a large space car! Honda Ling faction which one most worth buying?

end of the year, a few friends had the idea of ​​change, but the high cost of change is always a headache, recently a friend Q. is there coffee brother down 100,000 yuan joint venture car is recommended, but also fuel-efficient conditions, whether we accept it or not, small-displacement engine is now unstoppable trend to rapid spread.

Colombian coffee today to introduce a Honda specifically for the Chinese market models: Honda Ling faction, while the car ushered in a new facelift in September 2018, its price range : 9.98-13.98 million, compared to the previous generation model, the new Ling faction can be said to have been completely redesigned exterior, interior, which draws new Accord’s design language, dynamic look younger, then this looks how strength quite cost-effective compact car products? Which models and most worthy young people to buy it? Then on and we talk about coffee brother.

exterior and interior highlights resolved

compared to the previous generation model, the new Ling sent using the latest family design language, overall shape looks smaller size Accord shape, a large area of ​​grille-like shape is formed a mouth, and thick chrome bar with the wings headlamps and front air cell groups LED light source gate composed of integrated design, compared to the previous generation models even more delicate.

side of the line body fluid dynamic, double waist design showing the forward vehicle dive visual effects, body size and breadth were for the 4756/1804 / 1509mm, wheelbase 2730mm.

line comes standard with 16 inches color wheels, side overall visual effect looks more dynamic fashion.

and relatively simple shape of the rear some overall design can still be seen on the shadow generation models, using a C-shaped LED taillights group.

Central chrome bar has become one of the few rear trim, furthermore, designed spoiler popular among young people of all ages, located along the trunk, but also to the whole rear more youthful shape.

and below quot; 180 TURBOquot; suffixes revealed that it was equipped with a 1.0T engine, the exhaust outlet remains hidden design.

there is a visible interior to upgrade, using soft leather covered trim + piano symmetrical with the center console to afford a brown, beige, black, three color, while the part to be operated on the console is also shifted as much as possible.

of the liquid crystal instrument panel with a semi-half of the mechanical design, the central monitor will be different when the vehicle is driving mode selected, the pop-up screen prompts.

multifunction steering wheel of the left and right buttons of asymmetrical design, only the top model leather-wrapped steering wheel use, feel good thickness, and high with models right function key further comprises a key with an adaptive cruise control system of a low speed with the car.

Only two models in the control region with high with 8-inch touch screen, Honda CONNECT internal integrated multimedia system, but from a practical use fluency and efficiency for feedback, this multimedia system still has much room for improvement.

air conditioning control panel below the screen is designed to be European cars have style, texture knobs and buttons are all good.

In addition, the electronic parking brake, BRAKE HOLD and automatic start-stop function are also equipped with the new faction Ling who, while ECON energy-saving mode settings, in Dangba rear position.

with models Honda SENSING system, comprising a lane departure, collision warning and the like, the position of the operation button in the lower right of the steering wheel.

performance in terms of seat comfort is also good, although not all models offer electric adjustment, but wins in a wide range of movement, the body can adapt to different drivers.

Similarly, the rear seats inherited front seat comfort, the fully expanded center armrest can be obtained and two cup holder a tablet, but this configuration is only provided on the top models.

luggage compartment volume is 561L, the table fairly substantial, but not the rear seats recline, thus being extended or Spaces certain restrictions, but fortunately relatively flat floor, placed slightly larger volume of the article is not a problem.

dynamic performance and driving control how?

power, the new Ling send only the entire system equipped with a three-cylinder turbocharged engine 1.0T, the maximum output power of 90kW (122Ps), maximum torque 173Nmiddot; m, drive system, matching 6-speed manual and CVT stepless gearbox. McPherson suspension chassis structure independent suspension, torsion beam rear suspension composition dependent, and readjust the height of the roll center, by way of the front stabilizer bar to ensure that, after the beam intensity, improve the stability.

And this CVT transmission with a new design, reducing the transmission ratio, optimized transmission not only can better match the small row of the engine, it is effective to enhance the driving texture.

on the driving experience, this 1.0T engine at the start and not have been very intense, the accelerator pedal even some slow, butWhen the speed reaches 2000 rpm, the engine maximum torque, the power output to this time it becomes smooth.

In ECON energy-saving mode, the sense of acceleration of the vehicle becomes somewhat blurred, the accelerator pedal becomes somewhat sluggish, sacrificed vehicles sense of acceleration, of course, it’s all for the fuel economy under consideration.

as well as set-ups chassis steering feel of the steering system is equipped with the AHA (nimble handling auxiliary systems), coupled with the movement of the chassis tuning more the vehicle still has some manipulative, bumpy road can be filtered more thorough. At the same time, he did not stress a sense of lightness of steering, steering feel, and more sedate precise steering brings a good driving experience.

coffee brother review

as Honda launched in China first specifically for domestic users to create special for cars, Honda Ling faction since its launch in June 2013 was made good compared to sales performance, while the new generation models can be said Ling faction from the inside out, it is a comprehensive upgrade, more responsive to the preferences of young consumers.

As for which one most worth buying it? Colombian coffee that sells for 131,800 yuan to guide the 180 Turbo CVT leading version of the most popular, that is, once the top models, its configuration is more abundant, and compared to CVT deluxe models, the most important in the control increased 8 inches big screen , multimedia entertainment more advantages, but also young people like, such as car and Wi-Fi, GPS navigation systems and other features appear in the CVT Ultimate model above, which is the top model, but nearly 14 million price for compact car coffee brother think it is a little expensive, cost is not very prominent!

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