Less than 200,000 electric SUV, 17.28 yuan, the pure electric version of the official listing of Ang Xinuo

November 4, Beijing Hyundai Ang Xinuo officially listed pure electric, the electric version of Ang Xinuo has introduced three models, the former official price subsidies 21.63-24.23 yuan, after the price subsidies 17.28-19.88 Wan yuan.

Ang Xinuo pure electric version and the version of the model fuel design is very similar, keep the compact design, still using split headlights. In addition, the use of pure electric version of the closed front grille.

purely electrical version of the rim different shape and petrol, the former used is a low drag shape of the rim, the tire size is also the same three models are 215/55 R17.

taillights using a split design, the shape surrounded by comparison with its own characteristics. Size, Ang Xinuo pure electric version of the length and breadth for 4195/1800 / 1580mm, wheelbase 2600mm.

petrol interior styling and nearly same, the difference is in the details, such as the style of the instrument, it is the whole system comes standard with a 7-inch display of the instrument. Configuration, high-equipped models will have heated front seats, mobile phone wireless charging, 10.25 inches large screen in the control and so on.


Comparative trunk regular, conventional volume may reach 332 liters, the rear seatback is tilted may be extended to 1114 liters.

Power, Ang Xinuo purely electrical version uses a maximum power of 150 kilowatts (204 hp) motor, the maximum torque of 310 Nm middot;M, using a lithium battery pack three yuan Ningde era of 64.2kWh, NEDC battery life of up to 500km, speed up to 170km / h, the official electricity consumption is 13.8kWh / 100km.

a price of less than 200,000 pure electric SUV, mileage of 500km, so I think it’s the information in this price range which is still quite competitive.

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