Let the profit of 10 million – Lan Tian Group Dongfeng Honda May 1st Auto Show Super Delivery

Changsha International Auto Show is beginning

April 30-May 5

Dongfeng Honda 2nd floor B08 booth

All models qot; in the end

Buying a car is a big event

selected price, select model, selectivity …

[123 No matter which point is entangled,

must be concerned about the same question:

The preferential strength is not big?

These are not a problem!

High-standard exhibition, heavyweight release

The most powerful model, the strongest 惠 惠

for you To create a saves money
Only you “want” discount

No “enjoy” affordable

This time, let you take the favor, Full load!

Limited time special amp; super gift amp; is now full of cars

Maybe in the previous minute before you hesitate

The offer is taken away by others!

The gift is taken away by others!

• Activity time •

April 30, 2021


Changsha International Convention Center 2nd Floor B08 booth

[ 123]

Only you can’t think of

No we can’t do

The opportunity is only once

give you a different surprise!

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