Lexus LM increase 1.68 million? Japanese high-end MPV inventory touted by others wonderful reason

Recently, the popular Internet screenshot of a circle of friends, Tianjin Port parallel imports Lexus LM300h increase 1.68 million yuan, landing close to 400 million. This news was exposed, causing a lot of hot, high-end MPV market really so prosperous?

First, the authenticity of this message is to be confirmed, but it is undeniable is not yet in the domestic market Lexus LM bound to be increase to mention the car’s behavior, but the rate of increase of the really surprising. Price Taiwan, 7 and 4 edition version were expected to sell 3.5 million Taiwan dollars (766,400 yuan) and 500 million Taiwan dollars (1.0949 million yuan), while the price of domestic Alpha contrast, taking into account Lexus brand identity, the country officially listed price is estimated to be over one million. Value can not be equated with the price for the time being is not considered, after all, afford the price of the consumer groups in the car MPV will also take into account other factors, but the situation is double the fare who gave courage, Fish Leong and domestic consumer groups ?

status of the domestic high-end MPV survival: good ≠ expensive, so expensive is the real reason [ 123]

understood the MPV market 2018 year will appreciate gradually fever and malaise is the real main theme, although sales of high-end MPV product is not to be measured, but the king of this area GL8 can not fail to mention. 2018 data show that the number one Buick GL8 full-year sales of 144,308, is the second largest GL6 Buick four times, while the MPV sales charts in October 2019, the monthly sales 14695 units won first two, showing its dominance in the market.

(forthcoming listed 2019 Buick GL8)

Of course, Lexus LM from all levels, it is not it its competitors, and we use real-life scenarios from it, GL8, Mercedes-Benz V-class, Alpha, and so on Senna has been a lot of high-end business reception and high-end models favored by users. By all counts, the high-end MPV of choice is a lot, but why Japanese high-end MPV rivals has not it?

take the amount is not an end, and we understand the Japanese market, then we know that this type of MPV pricing is not so high . “Expensive” and the fare increase, we have to wait to buy a car, these reverse thinking of marketing more convex the Japanese high-end MPV exclusive luxury temperament, coupled with the relatively small import quotas, so rare, you know, I understand, RMB players know better. At the same level only thing that would overlap with the Mercedes-Benz V-class, in our view, it may be the only competitors, but in fact, the Japanese players are lonely seeking lost ……

“Big Brother” Egypt Dole Act says: Ray you can not learn

mention such things, we are always not open around the big brother of the Toyota family, the king of the fare increase – Toyota Alpha. In the high-end MPV products, Toyota Alpha comprehensive product strength to get on a top-notch, comfortable and luxurious experience back atmosphere by many high-end crowd favorite, while dual-engine version of the 2019 changes to the front and rear double 2.5L + power of the motor configuration, ride comfort and driving feel better. But it is not perfect, NVH performance has been criticized. Principle of resist all acts of increase, the Alpha into the country experienced a kind of “hanging open” course?

(2019 dual engine version Alpha)

El Toyota the purpose method, also known Alphard, from the Greek “α”, officially launched in 2002, located in the luxury MPV models, but this car was born onWith the then king Eric Nissan and Honda Jazz gentry competition, to win the MPV market share. The first generation of Alpha major markets are Japan’s mainland, interior features a lot of wood and leather material, rendering luxurious interior ambience. There 2.4L and 3.0L V6 versions of the version on power, but also the first time Japan’s use of adaptive cruise models. The second-generation Toyota Alpha officially launched in 2008, Toyota may begin to focus on the Chinese market, in 2010 the Beijing auto show debut of this luxury MPV. The new 3.0L version of the dress in the new V6 engine, 6-speed gearbox replacement for the AT and CVT. The third generation model launched in 2015, to date. 2017 facelift version of Alpha into the country have a different logo.

(first generation Alpha)

(second generation Alpha)

(third-generation Alpha)

Alpha reasons for the explosion of fire in the country, in fact, there are some factors that are now popular with a cargo of stars. As early as the second generation after the Alpha release, many Hong Kong stars because the work needs to start large quantities, while the Japanese atmosphere relatively strong start in Hong Kong these fad radiation to the mainland. In 2014, Faye Wong in person at the home of a Toyota 4S shop in Beijing to purchase the second generation of the popular picture of the network Alpha, Alpha blessing under the star aura began to enter the public eye, the forerunner of many successful people essential car .

Referring to Alpha course of life point of view, as a high-end brands of Toyota, Lexus LM pricing is bound than Egypt high Dole Act, while NVH levels will also have further improved, while the other models in itself increase the Lexus dealer, of course, at the time of listing will not miss LM, may be turned back to a time many employers found that parallel imported version may be moreAppropriate.

future high-end MPV market is a foregone conclusion? The rich life you can not imagine

at this year’s Shanghai auto show debut of the Lexus LM not yet have accurate time to market, while the real car’s interior has not formally exposed, just relying on sharper appearance has been lap a big wave of fans, compared to Toyota Alpha, Lexus LM more elegant and stylish interior more comfortable and luxurious, LM300h uses 2.5L gasoline machine motor hybrid system is more mature, you buy it probable cause really a lot of reasons, but you do not buy it’s probably a word: expensive!

It is said that face this thing circle of friends high-end people may be important than how much money, status symbol become a dealer blackmail increase consumer chips, but we want to express is not the Alpha and LM Both products are good, but after the fare increase has exceeded itself has value, we can not advocate such behavior is equivalent to “no sale no killing,” Do not let Chinese consumers digging for ourselves, let others play off.

whether future high-end MPV market is a foregone conclusion? Future ability to emerge better showstopper? About the answer to this question may not be too clear, the Japanese brand’s overall strength is indeed able to maintain for a long time, and in the process of electrification, hybrid and hydrogen energy at the core of the Japanese OEMs and did not keep up the pace, after mandatory targets for emissions control strictly to what extent is unknown, but we believe that the spoiler can occur for consumers is a good thing, but the most important point: the rich life is always so “plain”! How are they selected you can not think!

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