Lexus LX570 owners, should live a kind of life?

time say Beijing is the most beautiful in the fall, perhaps to be cold in the city for a long time, it makes me want to see more look outside the city.

took advantage of before the onset of winter, driving a Lexus LX570 to enjoy autumn, but also a beautiful thing.

speak truth! This born to “Sike” Land Rover Range Rover Lexus “carry handle,” from 23 years since 1996, the change is more domineering. There are quite a recognizable face in front of, in addition to the eye is the mouth, I do not want to be remembered very difficult.

such a magnificent feeling, a real tiger, fierce, what words to describe it can not be overstated, simply do not do a wonderful.

“NIKE” level of the subject after looking LED daytime running lamp is lit, Jordan I feel than one pair difference.

below the fog more than a corner of the fill light, although in most cases I have been driving on a paved road, but the road conditions around the vehicle as much as possible the irradiation clear that this is a sport utility vehicle as the existing configuration.

Founder of styles, from the side to see even more vigorous, suddenly felt its bones and no hardcore off-road temperament, to do more in line with a hidden luxury cars in the city. After

However, this car really is not suitable for driving a 90, the gas field does not seem to take ……

sitting in the repair of the car Lexus fine too, a sense of luxury surrounded them, heavy feeling full and comfortable seating makes me want to collapsed.

out from the front of the bottle temperature “small refrigerator” in just the right ” happy fat house water “, listening to the Mark Levinson audio players out of the” Dream on “, looking out the window of autumn, this is the United Statesgood day.

various sitting

ample space to meet the back of the occupant, 5 trunk space will become very scary version of the model, and want to pull a single bed IKEA is absolutely not a problem.

independent front suspension is double wishbone suspension + stabilizer, followed by four-bar linkage suspension, then plus Torsen differential and full-time four-wheel drive, so powerful off-road capability not looking through the small hill was a little sorry for these configurations.

say LX570 off-road capability is strong, I think there should be no more than would disagree Although there have been some small episode, but that will not affect its position in the group in the cross-country.

should not be only one person I think, this full-size luxury SUV should drive on the highway, because I believe that no one will be for off-road, increase buy it.

5.7L V8 engine, this powerful power reserve, whether it is road traveling between cities, or cruising on the highway, you can not help feel a steady stream of power.

at this moment it seems that only its own non-load-type body and 2.8 tons of weight is the opponent.

light throttle and brake, can be said without any difficulty to get started. But it partial heavy steering feel, is really able to practice a pair of stout “unicorn arm.”

Although this level Lexus LX570 is not the biggest, the fastest, but it has enough luxury, comfort intrinsic, extrinsic still has enough to attract the eye.

I do not want to understand those rich who buy the fare increase its idea, but when I sat on the trunk split LX570 tasting roadside teppanyaki, greet passers-cast eyes, this is probably a 90 understanding of life it ~

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