LG does not choose Ningde era, not Tesla feel SUV sells

Tesla, recently becomes more interesting.

This is not because of its price and flying around, or flying down;

This time is not because it’s roof In the process, it was flying by the big wind, nor because of the hacker black into the system.

Because, as Tesla is getting closer and closer to the quantification of the second car in China to China – Tesra Model Y is getting closer, its power battery is very interesting, choose The recent battery design has triggered a Korean car enterprise quot; the largest recall of quot in history; LG chemistry, did not use the most fierce era in the Chinese market.

Moreover, taking into consideration of Tesla, the price of Domestic Tesra Model Y is 44.4-535,000 yuan, this size is equipped with this price, and it is not very competitive.

So, you will have this problem in your mind: don’t use Ningde Model Y? Why is LG chemistry with negative use? In order to do a higher end? In order to support high prices? What is the power battery in Ningde? Tesla is not ready to sell MODEL Y? Etc., etc.

The possibility of the battery, in fact, there are variables

Currently, Tesla Model Y power battery cell will use LG The chemical news from foreign media and is not official. According to foreign media reports, Tesla has signed an agreement with LG chemistry, and LG chemistry will supply the battery core for the MODEL Y produced by Tesla China Shanghai Factory.

Previously, Tesla has been expanding Shanghai Super Factory and preparing for the production of Model Y. Today, the plant capacity has doubled. Last month, Tesla released a new photo of the Shanghai factory, recently obtained the government approval of Tesla Model Y in China, which is the last step before production.

In addition, the point as the end of the book is according to HanMedia Business Korea reported that LG Chemistry has been selected by Tesla, the exclusive battery supplier of China Model Y, which will be mass production in China in the early 2021. According to reports, Model Y produced by Tesla Shanghai Super Factory will use LG chemical nickel-manganese cobalt cells, comparison to Tsela cheaper MODEL 3 sedan using Ningde era phosphate battery, LG chemical battery For long-range and more expensive automotive versions.

All of the above information, the LG chemical probability will eventually become a battery-core supplier of domestic Tesla Model Y. Ningde Times is not a chance, but in the current perspective, opportunities are not big. .

At present, it is more clear that Tesla Model 3 and Tesla will produced in the Chinese market. Model Y, the price of Model Y is doubled by Model 3. Although their battery life is similar, the technical platform is almost, and even the future technical characteristics is similar, but the size is slightly not passed, one is a car one is SUV .

So, Ningde Times quot; failure quot;

While all have not finally official, based on all the relevant incidents of Ningde Times and Tesla, we can find a lot of clues.

1. First from the perspective of the model, as the SUV model welcomed by the market, Tesla wants to give it a high sales. Get the consumer to know the difference between Model Y and Model 3. From the battery, it is obviously a good behavior;

2. Different from the Ningde Times and LG chemistry, from the interaction level between the enterprises, Ningde Times compares LG chemistry more tough, so it directly affects the battery Shipment price, shipping, etc.;

3. Battery shipments, Ningde Times is now with many large car companies around the world Signed a corresponding power batteryOrders, in the case of global shipments, now. Once the future Tesla is preparing to sell the domestic version of Model Y in China, if you choose Ningde Times, you may encounter Panasonic Battery-Model 3 supply unfavorable issues, while the world’s continuous production capacity expansion LG chemistry, whether it is The geographical advantages of the local factory are still a capacity, which can make it more secure.

Written in the last:

Of course, no matter what the final ending, these require the final floor to the product. And with Tesla consistently, it never stabilized, changed to what is nothing particularly big, it is not allowed to choose the power battery supply strategy for LG chemistry as the main Ningde Edition.

However, for the upcoming new car for Tesla Model Y, the problem it face should have just begun. Not only the platform difference, technical differences, price differences, production capacity, the key to see how this story is good.

“Tesla Model Y is not a SUV version of Model 3.

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