Li Shufu: China Automobile Enterprises should achieve the efficiency priority to fair priority

All competition is inseparable from one way, that is, the right path – research law, understanding law, respect the law.

Carbon peaks, carbon, and have become a revolution on the energy system, and the development of the automotive industry is another opportunity.

must insist on the foundation, practice internal work, only to form core capabilities to ensure sustainable development.

Let thousands of first-line workers have a rush, life is guaranteed, and the family is a well-off.

Talent is the most basic element of a country, and is also the most basic element of a business competition. Geely Education is public welfare, non-profit, we are happy.

On the morning of June 13th, in the high-end interview of the 2021 China Automobile Chongqing Forum on “Intelligence Middle”, “Intelligence Middot; Swearing Future”, including Geely Holding Group Li Shufu, etc. Many car companies leaders, industry experts jointly put the pulse to the most critical period of change.

In the face of the current cross-border car wind, Li Shufu puts forward a few thinking, and again calls for the achievement of efficiency priority to fair priority, so that the first-line workers have harvested dignity, achieve dreams, and achieve happiness.

First, only to go forward, we can get the world

The transformation of the automobile industry is upgraded, and the high-quality development has a long way to go, and still needs to be reopened in many fields. Seeking breakthroughs, can’t overconfident. The challenges facing China Automotive Industry are still very serious. We must insist on playing the foundation, practicing internal work, only to form core competence can ensure the sustainable development of the company, whether it is “corner overtaking” or “truck overtaking”, it is impossible to smooth.

I think all competition is inseparable from one way. That is the right road, the history of the automotive industry tells us that only to go forward, we can get the world. There are days outside the sky, there are people in people, there are mountains outside the mountains, and the development of anything has its objective law. Research law, understanding law, respect the law, this is what I just said. ”

Secret of intellectual property, improve innovative soft environment competitiveness

Respect intellectual property, improved innovative soft environment competitiveness, and conscientiously governing the country according to law. How to achieve the respect of the Chinese automotive industry, see if the Chinese auto industry respects intellectual property rights, and respect whether to compete according to law.

Third, the carbon dioxide becomes green methanol, providing green energy for the automobile

China must go out of its own development path in terms of energy diversification strategy, solar system Hydrogen and various recovered carbon dioxide synthesis methanol may be a feasible green energy development path. Methanol is the simplest hydrocarbon hydrocarbon which can be stored at normal temperature, transportation, environmentally friendly, fast degradation rate, high octane, and recyclable.

Iceland International Carbon Circulation Company

Geely Icelandic International Carbon Circular Company has run more than 10 years, capture carbon dioxide synthesis cleaning methanol has a certain scale. The thousands of tons of “Lanzhou Liquid Sun Fuel Synthetic Demonstration Project” of the Dalian Chemicals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian Chemicals are the use of solar hydrogen, synthesized liquid sun methanol with trapped carbon dioxide.

China Automotive Enterprise Should achieve the efficiency priority to fair priority priority

China Automobile Enterprise should be achieved from efficiency priority to fair priority, so that Library with the world. The reform and opening up in the past few decades has been efficient, so China has accumulated a large amount of material wealth, and it is everywhere, and it seems to have money. Today, China needs fairness, how to achieve the transformation from the efficiency priority to fair priority, this problem needs to be thought about, I think this is a very important issue.

When the relative revenue is too low, it is not enough to have an occupational dignity. Without professional dignity, it is impossible to form a professional spirit. Without a professional spirit, he does not have a high quality product, because he feels unresponsive to his career, so it is difficult to do your work.

China Youth May Fourth Medal winner “Geely craftsman” Lu Yi Cong

So weCreate better professional conditions for the career of the first-line workers, increase the intensity of training investment, improve professional ability, let thousands of first-line workers work, life is guaranteed, the family is a well-off, let them It is possible to focus along your professional direction, peace of mind, continuous practice and explore, constantly improve the level of capacity, create their own career values ​​in the industrial chain, thus harvest dignity, achieve dreams, and make happiness.

As a company, it is necessary to actively build the relationship with the employee’s fate community, to create an ideal home for employees, only employees have a comfortable mood, the product has quality assurance, the company has a vitality, and there is a glorious tomorrow.

Five, open inclusive, integration, integration into the global

Under the Guidelines of Domestic International Double Cycling Strategies, Geely will continue to increase in the global market. The dream of integrating into the world is still firm. We must have self-denial courage, self-transcendence, open inclusive, intertwined, and build new advantages of industrial chain, and expand the new ecotropic friends. Under the premise of complying with laws and global compliance around the world, grab new development opportunities, join hands upstream industrial chain, with industry partners, upgrades China Automotive Industry, high quality development bold practice.

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