Life is more than 1200 km of pure electric vehicles Mercedes-Benz will push the new Vision EQXX

life beyond 1000 km! Is not your imagination once again set for electric vehicles?

A few days ago, during the 2020 Mercedes-Benz strategy conference, said the official Mercedes-Benz is developing a prototype electric car -Vision EQXX. According to reports, the electric car has a longer “mileage” and higher “power efficiency”, its full power or battery life can be achieved away from Beijing to Shanghai.

notice from the map view, this prototype was named Mercedes Vision EQXX, although there is no official information released any vehicle, but according to the project engineer, implement in addition to improving long mileage life than the battery capacity, improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the same key. So notice from the figure, we can see that the new car uses the body shape is very aerodynamic, in order to achieve lower wind resistance and maximum efficiency.

In addition, the notice figures also revealed an important message, the official hinted a new car once saturated charge has Mileage can support new car from Stuttgart Nice to or from Shanghai to Beijing. In this calculation, the car mileage over 750 miles (about 1207 km).

According to Mercedes, Head of Research and Development Markus Schafer introduction: “We have set up a group of engineers to create the world’s longest, most efficient electric car we intend to integrate the technology into the next generation of projects in mass production to go. “At the same time, Mercedes-Benz is about to launch large-scale electric car platform –EVA platform, which is about to release four new electric vehicles, including the EQS, EQE , EQS SUV and EQE SUV, Mercedes-Benz EQ series lineup will gradually grow, more information about Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles, home owners will continue to focus.

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