Listed on the eve of a long ou still feel X7 price was a bit too high

[reports] Chexun Wang Chang’s Auchan car, the upcoming all-new compact SUV: Auchan X7. Not long ago on sale, over a million orders within 2 weeks. Not listed there are so many people order a car, probably directed at the ad ldquo; Miyoshi rdquo; mdash; mdash; good color, good value, good handling. What is not so? Started less than a $ 80,000 car, in the end how well? On the eve of the listing, I personally do a lot of feelings.

in terms of passenger vehicles, Changan has two independent brands: Changan Automobile and Auchan car. According to my understanding, this is the same set of technologies mdash; mdash; chassis, engine, transmission, packaged into different products to meet different consumer groups. From the existing models Auchan car, the brand’s keywords are affordable. For example, 5.99 million small SUV Auchan 3,7.98 million families still MPV, 8.68 million in mid-sized SUV Kordsa. Upcoming in November 2019 Auchan X7, is a compact SUV, the pre-sale price of 79,900 yuan from.

In fact, in the compact SUV which, as well as a car Auchan Auchan X70A. However, it is an appearance of bias tough style of car. In contrast, there is an Auchan X7 be more people to accept appearance.

on the ground feel Auchan X7 one impression: on-site scrap, actually dared to play really.

In Auchan X7 Experience live, first of all I was surprised to see a familiar scene + mdash; mdash; scrap. Nine years ago, the Internet’s first car news ldquo; scrap Square rdquo; when I went through the whole process, when the reaction manufacturers, memory is still fresh: there does not matter, look with confidence, very calm; some uneasy, for fear that any adverse, very careful; some furious, and even sent people posing as friends to come to provocation, very violent.

The reason is simple. Manufacturers bottom line of the self vehicle, well known. If defects are more naturally we do not want public ldquo; anatomy rdquo ;. Auchan economy as a flagship brand, the interior should be very general, in accordance year experience, where such models, the manufacturers are not willing to publicly dismantling mdash; mdash; even though no flaws, too ordinary, no highlights, from the communication point of view, nor is it What a good thing. However, to my surprise, they not only removed, but also very thorough demolition, even the front and rear suspension and engine, transmission are split down.

This permission or explanation, Auchan car on their own ldquo; newborn rdquo; very confident, dare to publicly ldquo; exposure rdquo ;.

I myself have written dozens of reports of scrap, the kind of thing usually dull, this theme is the test drive experience, so this part simple. Just to say a few chassis mdash; mdash; it uses a dual-chassis design soft connection, for reducing vibration, reduce noise, improve comfort, has a significant effect.

Suspension aspect. After a multi-link independent suspension. Generally speaking, low price car, built on the basis of low cost, non-independent suspension is cheaper than independent suspension, it is especially common in low-cost car. The car seems to be an exception, the entry of less than 80,000 yuan, it has also on the four-wheel independent suspension.

on the ground feel Auchan X7 impression of the two: Let me look wrong impression that it is in the car.

The first time I saw Auchan X7, I almost be mistaken as mid-sized car. Its front is very full, almost straight through the front and back waist, make the body a kind of sense of slender. Overall speaking, this is a look very atmospheric, very powerful sense of the car.

Nowadays many of its class, a gradual decline in the roof, streamlined configuration. Auchan X7 did not do that, it’s almost roof level, so that the rear there is considerable leeway.

Auchan X7 length, width and height respectively 4705times; 1860times; 1720 mm, 2780 mm wheelbase. Such a long wheelbase, which is classified as a midsize SUV, is probably not a bad idea. In fact, it can be arranged that the rear space 3 rows of seats. Just 6/7 models, although more practical, but in our awareness is not too high, even if the manufacturers want to launch, they have to consider very carefully about it.

Appearance details. It’s in net for 6-sided type, it was launched in 2018 Auchan logo, and complement each other in a grid gate. The overall shape is very stretch, kind of feeling to fly.

very sporty front, and uplift the machine cover, creating a just said overall feature mdash; mdash; with full force.

After the C-pillar side window shape, body style originally cautiously, made little change.

The upper part of the window trim, rapid decline in the car ldquo; fictitious rdquo; outflow line. At the same time to create a good visual experience, the internal space is still basic, not shrink.

is also stable rear style as the first, the bar between the taillight further ldquo; increased rdquo; the width of the tailgate, so that, seen from behind, it is also like a mid-sized car.

at the bottom rear with two exhaust ports molding for decoration, the intermediate block is a silver shield.

roof with a roof rack, antenna shape somewhat unexpected, it seems unlikely unity and style of vehicle.

I test drive the car, is equipped with 235 / 45R20 tires, it is exquisite Yufeng 4X4HP under the brand, keyword low rolling resistance, low noise .

headlamp shape and integrated in the network,Plating lined along a lower cover trim, trim strip is also the bottom of the decorative web. Further down, richer level, like a section of the famous fighter air intakes.

Oushang X7 wide standard LED lamp set. Wherein the headlamp beam is irradiated from 165 meters, 45 meters from the light irradiating near, the luminous flux 3300 lumens. Distinct characteristics taillights, headlights and the same lighting effect.

on the ground feel Auchan X7 impression of the three: from the interior to see, can not believe this is a less than 8 million cars.

X7 same Auchan interior design and appearance, but also the word shape, as a stretch-shaped. Local color children is that large-scale use of soft package. Really I can not believe this is a starting price of less than 8 million cars mdash; mdash; the interior is fairly upscale feel.

For example, a door trim, leather upper, middle fabric material is very fine, feel good, red stitching is very delicate. Function, it is equipped with four one-touch window lift, and with a pinch function and remote control.

seat, not only is the fabric is very soft, style is using the curvature of the design, the back of the seat and ergonomic, with the body’s natural fit.

to the top front portion, a soft leather, the middle drawing is a control panel. Modeling simple smooth, structured.

on the ground feel Auchan X7 impression of the four: the entry-level configuration is abundant.

In low distribution models mdash; mdash; 1.5T manual guidance of 79,900 yuan elite example, the main configurations are: power 1.5T, 6-speed manual 17-inch tires, aluminum wheels , vehicle stability control, tire pressure monitoring, hill assist, dual airbags, multifunction steering wheel, 3.5-inch LCD instrument panel, 7 inches in the control screen, GPS navigation, traffic display, Bluetooth phone, mobile Internet,Multimedia, Dual USB ports, LED lights, four power windows, power mirrors, seat fabric, seat number adjustment, the adjustable rear seat back folded + segment, front center armrest, manual air conditioning.

is increased by 1 million, or 89,900 yuan of 1.5T automatic elite, then based on the above, an increase of 7 speed dual clutch transmission, reversing radar, reverse image, driving mode selection. 99,900 yuan while the luxury auto 1.5T, is to increase the panoramic canopy, automatic folding heated mirrors +, leather seats, leather steering wheel, keyless entry, a key to start, cruise control, 19-inch tires.

As exceeding $ 100,000 2 car models mdash; mdash; 10.99 million and 119,900 yuan of GLS Ultimate, increased by panoramic sunroof, 360 image, built tachograph, lane departure warning, side air bags, luggage rack lights, remote control, dashboard 7 inches, 10.25 inches in the control panel, power seats, car networking, OTA upgrade, automatic headlights, rear USB interfaces, ambient lighting, automatic air conditioning. Wherein the control key tachograph left the steering wheel position, the operation is very fast.

crystal high vehicle dashboard very beautiful, the intermediate region can display a variety of content including navigation, including entertainment.

an upper center console outlet, followed by a liquid crystal screen, air-conditioning control panel.

LCD screen built Changan developed open OnStyle2.0 Auchan intelligent network linking system, can provide a wealth of resources and music radio program resources.

The liquid crystal panel also have the function of body image, 2D screen capable of following seven angles displayed.

3D screen from the angle 9, showing a vehicle surrounding situation. Further, high distribution models also built tachograph, with 24 hours 360deg; condition remote real-time video image viewing functions.

Although a voice, a liquid crystal screen control air conditioning, but more convenient for operation, or to retain more traditional air conditioning control panel, to meet different usage.

front center region, a dual cup holder with a front end panel, followed Dangba, the center armrest, center console box mdash; mdash; car 26 at storage space.

Electronic Dangba the left hand brake, the hand brake of the automatic control making it very convenient.

In panoramic models equipped with canopy, with models with a panorama sunroof. When

in terms of new technology, Auchan X7 with face recognition function, can monitor the driver when speed is greater than 60 kilometers, the system will automatically enter the monitoring state, driver fatigue phenomenon, once discovered, will give warning immediately, the danger nipped in the bud, to ensure safety.

on the ground feel Auchan X7 impression of five: the space is too large.

just said, the first time I saw Auchan X7, I will be misinterpreted as a midsize car due to be misled by its plump body. Can in space, it is also like a mid-sized car mdash; mdash; a spacious too.

For example, the front width of 1440 mm, 500 mm depth of the seat, the seat 1015 mm pitch of the roof, the seat height is adjustable, a range of about 55 mm.

Rear width 1420 mm, 480 mm depth of the seat, the seat 920 mm from the roof. Intermediate floor level position, no protrusions; minimum distance in front of five 310 mm (where the vast majority of its class spacing 220-260 mm).

sitting in the back seat, the seat back leg from the front there is ample space, even if the tilt ldquo; rdquo ;, legs more than enough. Space travel everywhere than the compact SUV filled with many spacious, and the like to Highlander mid-size SUV called the leniency very close.

can be segmented folding rear seat, after folding, the floor length 1540 mm, the maximum length of 1950 mm (the seat back to the front). Visible, the rear of the car is very large space, whether it is home daily, or driving, so much space, very practical.

look at the trunk itself, the minimum depth of 940 mm, a minimum width of 1020 mm, the minimum height of 760 mm. Design of the storage box under the floor, side walls holding position extinguishers and the like. However, I believe that where there is a worthy improvement mdash; mdash; low position of cover material curtain, curtain at a height of only 420 mm. If an appropriate increase, even more perfect.

high vehicle tailgate is electric, opening and closing a single keystroke.

on the ground feel Auchan X7 impression of six: control.

The car engine power is 1.5T, the maximum power of 131 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 265 Nm, while the machine is applied to Chang CS75, CS55 and other models. Hundred one thousand meters fuel consumption of 7.4 liters.

is matched with the engine, is a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission. According to reports, the independent transmission developed by Chang, has gone through 300 million kilometers of road testing the vehicle.

from the book look, engine and transmission seems good, but how exactly the actual driving experience? In fact, in the past few years, every time a test drive its own brand car, I will spit bad about their ride mdash; mdash; the car can do in this area, very little.

However, the most recent period, the situation has changed. For example, shortly before the test drive of the mid-term facelift VV5, second-generation Chi Chuan GS4, ride comfort are handled very well. Auchan can price far below VV5 and GS4, test drive it before, it is not hopeful.

until it drove up the road in the urban, suburban roads, highways turn one afternoon, I found myself wrong. Although given its price is very cheap, but in terms of control and not sloppy. The main feeling that: 1, a good ride handling, with the whole process is very smooth, very comfortable; 2, good matching between engine and transmission, and found no significant hysteresis frustrated; 3, power is good, even in mid-acceleration, but also be guaranteed; 4, power steering just right.

an entry less than 8 million cars, to reach this level, so I am very surprised. Think carefully, it is no wonder, Auchan is Chang’s brand, share the same set of technologies and Changan Automobile, that is to say, it Chang’an CS75 standard, in fact, it is the same.

traveling, there are two feelings. The first is the noise, economical car to the theme of the car, interior noise is very small. Data is provided by the manufacturer, idle noise 37 db, the value of its class and more than 10 million are consistent. The second is security, if the vehicle deviates from the lane, the steering wheel will be a slight shake to remind motorists.

In short, through the entity experiences ads ldquo; Miyoshi rdquo; mdash; mdash; good color, good value, good control, I think it does exist, is not exaggerated. Although its price is very low, but several aspects of the exterior, interior, space, configuration, power, etc., are highlights. Basically there is no obvious flaws.

Auchan X7 coming to market in November 2019, probably around mid. It will have 6 models with a manual transmission pre-sale price of 7.99-8.99 yuan, automatic pre-sale price 8.99-11.990,000. The most surprising is that even the manufacturers introduced lifetime free maintenance policy (free lifetime warranty and lifetime maintenance free basis). In other words, it’s cost-effective, high weird.

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