Long Anou X7 still filled with wine month spread mad 50 million to customers for the New Year red envelopes

[ Juxun Wang reported ] November 30 ou still long X7 grand listed Great Hall in Beijing, since the market showing continued selling of the potential explosion models, new car orders have exceeded 35,000 units, prompting national customer there had been widespread mention cars queuing phenomenon. And actually had a cattle reselling priority to mention cars privileges phenomenon, for its own brand, this is very rare. Ou X7 is still a long explanation of how short supply ah. Today it is a long while ou still X7 full moon wedding day, he gave us what surprise?

a surprise: at the same time increasing production capacity fully guarantee the quality

to the number, but also to quality. Good reputation never independent of the number, but by quality. Ou still hot long X7 also because of its high quality, and therefore, even if the surge in orders, yet long ou will never reduce the quality of the product to control, but even more strict.

to be fast, but also to excellent. From the press shop to the body shop, to the paint shop, assembly plant, workers were to delivery of the vehicle as soon as possible, has started 24-hour shifts, overtime, days-round work system. In such a work of high strength, yet long ou X7 production number soared. At the same time, factory production and not because of an emergency time decreases the quality of the control, choosing instead to increase staff, from painting to sheet metal parts, every process is carefully considered and will never allow any defective products. All this, just to bring first-class driving experience to the owners.

Second surprise: not learn Lexus no price increases put an end to cattle

long ou still X7 under hot and in short supply situation, December 27 at around 17 pm, appeared on many network platform suspected of reselling priority to mention cars privileges cattle phenomena, lead riders circle hot chat, a lot of time to make this illegal behavior by consumers misguided and deluded, and affected the normal sales long ou still X7, but also contrary to the long ldquo ou still in the Great Hall of the car to make our customers and friends; five commitments rdquo;. Long ou still cars on to the customers that is still a long ou auto dealers will not appear increase to mention cars phenomenon. Up to now, all PDI planned long ou are still car terminal in accordance with a predetermined order in an orderly manner.

Surprise three: 50,000,000 waiting for the bus envelopes to allow customers to count the money for the New Year

long ou still Automotive launched 50 million other vehicles red envelopes , customer feedback, trust and support of the former

a) order a car to market customers (at 23:59 on November 29 before), within 30 days did not mention the car to enjoy 150 yuan / day set the car red: from the date of listing since the 30-day (November 30 mdash; mdash; December 29) did not mention the car customers within, from December 30, to dealers until the customer receives notification that day, such as 150 yuan a day car red envelopes;

b) post-marketing setting cars customers (November 30 0: 00mdash; mdash; 2020 at 23:59 on January 30 before), over 30 days did not mention car customers enjoy 150 yuan / day set red car: customize the date of the car, more than 30 days (including the day of setting cars) not mentioned car customers, from the beginning of the 31st day, the customer receives notice until the day of distributors, such as 150 yuan a day car red envelopes; [ 123]

c) during the Chinese New Year (Jan 24 – January 30) because all resources can not be the reason not to mention car insurance for customers (including more than 30 days not to mention cars of customers), waiting for the bus red double daily You will get 300 yuan a red envelope waiting for the bus, straight 2100 yuan red envelopes and other vehicles.

more activity at 23:59 on January 30 before the next single customer is limited, more detailed rules, please consult your local dealer. The failure to mention the car within 30 days of customers, holding huge subsidies, even though most car rental is more than enough during the Spring Festival.

ou still X7 long as the car is able to do a domestic fire was a mess of it? That of course is still a long Anou X7 five popular strength


popular bionic natural appearance of great beauty, big quality appearance that is stunning. ou still long for Automotive ldquo; imitationRaw natural rdquo; design philosophy, the natural environment and external integration vehicles to track clouds of aesthetic body, space, paint, dark bone grille, Wake LED lamp group to create products such as high-quality SUV appearance, well-known in the world CMF international design awards under evaluation experts.


popular First Class enjoying space, comfort freedom because the fine quality. In real materials of great value, the ultimate precision manufacturing process chi build quality. New car long wheelbase 2780mm, far more than at the same level, and create a free space stretch. Cockpit 360deg; soft pack care, the use of fiber-encapsulated space over leather seats, fabric thickness of 8mm beyond the same level, long-distance driving fatigue.


popular wisdom of the whole scene ecosystem, leapfrog technology fast and convenient configuration beyond expectations. ou still long X7 priced 100,000 range, but for customers matching 150 000 intelligent configuration to meet customers 3.0 times the vehicle intelligent and convenient new technology requirements, is ldquo; millet automobile industry rdquo ;. New cars equipped with industry-leading open OnStyle2.0 Auchan intelligent network linking system, equipped with a full range of ultra-high definition ldquo; clairvoyance rdquo; remote video systems. Custom unique to the same level ldquo; Space collection options package will rdquo ;, integrated industry-leading APA5.0 a key automatic parking system, peer unique face recognition system and other functions into one, super-black technology, BBA shoulder strength line luxury car brand.


popular Changan Automobile Blue Whale Power Systems, a joint venture of feelings par Big Three core strength. ou still long X7 is ldquo; the bones of the technical men and rdquo ;, so good Big Three core high performance, driving control performance comparable to a joint venture. New cars equipped with first-class industry Changan Automobile blue whales power system, in which Changan Automobile engine 1.5TGDI blue whale, named ldquo; China heart rdquo; top ten engines, the 1450rpm-4500 rpm, reached 265Nmiddot; maximum peak torque m, the maximum power of 131kWThe maximum torque of net production in the world has the same level models in the absolute leader.


popular 360deg; safety, to avoid the full family pedestrian accidents.

Long ou still at the cost of automobiles, unlike competitive sibling core configuration matching, Department standard integrated electronic stability system, P-speed automatic parking, the whole car LED light group, floating color touch screen, the driving experience is more a sense of quality. Configure ABS + EBD + TCS, ten security system that uses the highest grade of high-strength car body design just ring, high-strength steel accounted for 75 percentage reflects the quality SUV thorough consideration of the safety of passengers.

strength of more than five popular explanation is still a long Anou X7 is a very worth looking forward to the car, so the car did not mention friends can wait patiently, and now manufacturers can also count the money the Chinese New Year red envelopes delivered every day, what the music and not for it?

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