“Long Leg” Subaru Out-Tiger special edition spy photos exposed flowers styling fog light groom

Overseas exposure Subaru proudly Wilderness Edition ride test spy photos. The most obvious change is that the chassis is elevated. The new car is expected to be released in the second half of 2021.

Although the appearance shape is partially cured, it can be seen that the cash design can be seen. In addition to this grill, the mesh grill is used, and the fog lamp shape has also changed. The tail shape is also consistent, and from the occluded tail position, the tail may vary.

New car or will be except for existing mount 2.5L horizontal opposing four-cylinder engines, the new proud tiger 2.4T turbocharged engine is also expected to be equipped. At present, the interiors have not exposed, and it is expected that it should not change too much. The Subaru product update is really no way to update the speed ratio of other brands, which is also a bit of spitting.

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