Long long …… …… …… long now Audi A7 also playing A7L Extended Edition

If you remember the Audi A6 initially appear, may also be shocked at the time of modeling, after all that chubby trunk, to how many people a new understanding for the official car, but after the Audi A6L, if suddenly refreshed sense of honor, and that extended to the rear part of more legroom, but also a lot of cars began to follow the road. Audi A4L, the Audi A6L and, later, the Audi A8L, have embarked on the “L” line, and those who love the passion and the sense of speed will prefer the Audi A5 and A7, especially the noble sense of the latter than the former a higher level, but it was also said that if such a car would have lengthened version how? Do not worry, from the new Audi A7L not far.

A few days ago, the news that Audi A7L to tender related components , entitled “Shanghai Volkswagen automotive Co., Ltd. CP3 Audi A7L automatic stud welding projects of international tenders” There have been rumors in this tender report, we can see a total of 31 sets of bidding CP3 Audi A7L automatic stud welding project . According to this speculation, Audi A7L about to start mass production in 2020, if all goes well, it could implement mass production in August. The domestic A7L longer wheelbase will be on the basis of the import version of the A7, and, with the introduction of domestic models, the price of the car is also expected to further downwards.

after longer can maintain perfect proportions it?

for a longer version of the Audi A7L, can be considered a few happy tears, some consumers feel that A7 is a movement between a four-door luxury sedan between the C and D levels, are also is because of this positioning, the A7 most beautiful place than its beautiful fastback lines, and the whole car looks consistent with the golden ratio, and the import version of the Audi A7 is equipped with the 2.0T 4-cylinder and 3.0T V6 engine, its the price range of 57.38-85.98 million, so if made after the Audi A7L will break this perfect design?

According to industry insiders speculated that under the current circumstances, the interior should still original look, full of technology design and sporty flat-bottomed steering wheel, and had had enough of the back room after feeling longer becomes negligible, so it was said that this car “really fragrant.”

Audi A7L made after the price might drop

When it comes to Audi, certainly not around the past is the driving force, with a minimum of imported Audi A7 equipped 2.0T, there are two power versions, divided 252 hp and 190-hp version of the high-power low-power version, assuming that domestic long-wheelbase A7L also be used as an introduction to this power, even a low-power version, it must also be dynamic and outstanding price threshold will definitely come down.

This generation of the A7 length 4976mm, wheelbase 2928mm, but with the domestic data front will increase the longer the body, car length over 5 meters. If this is the case, it would be China currently on the market run the car market has a very big impact, especially for the Mercedes-Benz CLS, two cars are the contours of the design, but Mercedes-Benz CLS low power 2.0T can be only two kinds election, but the Audi A7 is obviously more consistent.

Of course, there is not made quickly CLS means, so China-made Audi A7L should have an advantage on price. But do not rule out the Mercedes-Benz CLS if made after the two equally matched the car.

Guiche: Audi A7 carried into the country if the domestic version of the L longer, it may hit another wave of competition climax, after all,The price of the car, there is little domestic version. Audi A7L the longer version, in the end the designers would not know how to grasp the true, the car is expected in SAIC plant, when to look at it.

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