M unruly movement tension and explosive strength off-road X

continuation “of the BMW X” and “years of BMW sports” powerful offensive,

M brand to further strengthen the leadership position in the high-performance market segments carry powerful V8 engine,

bring the surging momentum experience excellent chassis design and tuning ,

to create a benchmark for high-performance luxury-class driving experience M brand new design language perfectly into the classic X family body style, to show the unique style of movement

[ 123]

(Munich / Beijing) under the guidance of the new strategy, BMW M brand focus D ACES (design automation, electric, interconnected, sharing / service oriented) to innovations new the new BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M further

enriched the M family line-up , for the majority of users and fans bring more brand appeal of high-performance luxury driving experience . Continuation “of BMW X” and the “movement of BMW,” the powerful offensive, the new BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M will be the new Los Angeles Auto Show the world’s first show , further strengthen the BMW M high leadership performance market segments .

majestic strength of pure off-road sport the new BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M set new M and X driving control in one, bring ubiquitous surging performance. Unique and distinct

the BMW M language family is vested with self-confidence and highlights the vehicle, M distinct motion tension The injection majestic momentum. BMW driving innovation combined with intelligent cabin configuration, BMW intelligent personal assistant and a new generation of parking assist systems to provide outstanding of high-performance luxury driving experience .

surging power, to conquer the mountainSea can control the strength of the field

intelligent lightweight design, the overall mass of the vehicle power ratio, precise chassis tuning demanding, sophisticated supple shifting performance, cooling science and technology is the key to M invincible. The new BMW X5 M, the new BMW X6 M are class-leading in handling, power and stability, the perfect fusion of M athletic performance BMW X models with world-renowned versatility and off-road strength, style and movement set modern luxury in one, with exceptional luxury sports enjoyment.

mounted car BMW M history extremely powerful V8 engine, excellent performance, outstanding performance. Using

M Twinpower Turbo new generation of high speed turbocharger art V8 engine , to optimize the response accuracy of the throttle valve again, so that the output “violent machine” is more precise and robust depth details. In the new BMW X5 M and the new BMW X6 M, the engine output 441 kilowatts maximum power (as compared to the previous generation model lift 18 kilowatts), and the peak torque of 750 Nm , inspectors must be able to be proud of leading the pack, Tim hung gas field, filling the conquest calm.

with a perfect match is with

Drivelogic shift pattern with three kinds of the Steptronic 8-speed transmission M , the user may select button M Drivelogic change by the shift lever blocking features ensure that can experience pure driving fun in any mode. Excellent driving dynamics also be derived from new car rear emphasis M xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive. The new system is tuned, may be strong power output of the engine to the wheels, and optimize the power output at directional stability and non-paved road and bad weather .

M-specific chassis, suspension and rear-wheel drive bias M xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system and active M differential lock, driver stimulate greater depth confident handling under any road,

with excellent cornering dynamics, flexibility and accuracy, so that control is more handy; with excellent passing ability,Powerful force distribution, so that rolling obstacles more easily.

M brand new design language, dynamic ferocious gift unruly personality

thanks to track genes and BMW M X family of iconic SAV / SAC body proportions, the third-generation BMW X5 M, BMW X6 M all the time exudes a supreme dominated tolerance, broad powerful body contour, domineering publicity design, shining fierce personality, City of Life potential explosive.

sporty never hide the head but show the tail, a large-sized vehicle in front grille stretched width visually, strengthen the impact force of the vehicle, the vehicle makes full sense muscle . And slender body sides, rising from the back waist precise position, exclusive iconic M aerodynamic package including front and rear surround, mirrors, tail, shark gills side vents, etc., to effectively optimize the vehicle body during high speed turbulence around the body to reduce air resistance, improved heat dissipation efficiency, but also greatly enhance the identification of high-performance version of the strong imprint everywhere, filling the room look tough the extraordinary tolerance, perfectly matching the potential to make sparkling style sublimation .

internally and externally, to bring luxury sports car ambience level driving enjoyment

and is the perfect fusion of strong appearance the new BMW X5 M, the new BMW X6 M sports by creating a luxurious interior ambience. Spacious interior space structure dynamic, modern,

the exclusive M design elements blowing, full control of the M high-performance models of luxury and sport should enjoy the atmosphere . Cockpit design combined with a new division of functional zones, the control panel buttons directly on the engine, suspension system, steering system, M xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system and a braking system is provided, further interpretation of the driver-BMW M sports-oriented design style, full motion of the heart contain himself.

raised position

M sports seats a good balance between everyday driving and circuit racing, able to bring the driver and front passenger just the right comfortExperience and supportive. Exclusive M instrument cluster , M leather steering wheel (with paddle shifters and M button) , M shift lever , the red engine start / off button and BMW customization Merino leather material M multifunction seats , further highlight the distinctive characteristics of M, to create a unique interior experience .

2019 is the “Year BMW X’s”, it is also “in BMW Movement” in the Chinese market, the new BMW 7 Series M 760Li, the new BMW M8, innovative BMW X3 M, innovative BWM X4 M, etc. new car after another. From the large luxury car segment, to quite SAV and SAC-selling midsize market, M brands have done a top-down penetration. In the future, electric supercar debut of the M family declared BMW Vision M NEXT concept car

reported the same M will embrace the “new four modernizations” , and itself through science and technology to make driving more pure, more with appeal . Whether it is equipped with an internal combustion engine, or future applications also a lot of new energy technologies, M models will always be able to meet consumer demand for high-performance segment model , and a symbol of the BMW brand’s noble pursuit [123 ]. In pure sports concept M blessing, the new model will enable more medium and large luxury SAV and SAC customers to enjoy the BMW M brings outstanding driving experience.

The BMW Group is

cars and one motorcycle manufacturer, which owns the most successful in the world four brand awareness is high; while providing auto financing and premium travel services. As a global company, the BMW Group has

31 home production and assembly plants and sales network throughout the in the 14 countries 140 [123 ] a number of countries and regions.


years, the BMW Group sold worldwide in more than

249 million vehicles. Group taxProfit before ( EBT ) reached 106.55 million euros, the first time exceeded ten billion euros . High-quality products, customer-focused, service and luxury experiences, future-oriented, forward-looking, employee satisfaction is successful, industry-leading major factor. It is the company’s employees to the BMW Group’s success story into reality. So, I do believe in the BMW Group stresses credibility and transparency to the public, subject to employees’ favorite company, and put it into the company’s business philosophy.

BMW Group’s long-term strategy and a strong R & D system as the cornerstone. Therefore, the BMW Group to implement environmental protection and layout of the entire value chain strategies for the future, innovative products, quality service and commitment to sustainable ecology has become an important part of BMW Group’s long-term strategy.


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