March on sale! Mini Convertible Sidewalk official figure released!

for a brand such as MINI, it has been no shortage of their own user base, with a special, superior appearance it captured a group of small sister of joy, but by virtue of excellent driving sense of control, it captured a group of guys who love to drive, it can be said MINI is a rare men and women through the kill vehicle.

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[ 123] a few days ago, MINI officially announced a new model –2020 Mini Convertible Sidewalk. We can see from the name, this model is the 2020 models for the MINI Convertible, and the special edition for the zebra crossing, aimed at those consumers not just the pursuit of a convertible car provide a more special choice.

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in appearance, a quick glance this car with ordinary MINI convertible is no different: sexual identity is still full of double round headlights, compact body, round design elements, set in a double exhaust, etc., should be demonstrated with a MINI looks like. However, it has a special edition of the others identified, unique Deep Laguna metal spraying, the hood unique two black stripes, Sidewalk identified on both sides of the fender and the 17-inch color hub ExclusiveWait.

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of course, this car in its largest eggs Kuanshan the soft top when the go down by the arrow in the knitting with a silver roof consisting of pattern, and filling it particularly pleasing in design.

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the interior of the change equally happy, although still MNI standard family design, but adding more elements with models recognizable, such as body-color blue decoration, carpet on the seat and joined the yellow stitching hit color design, with brushed aluminum Sidewalk brand identity pedals, steering wheel and under the same obvious Sidewalk logo. This is like fine sense of design sense of the consumer, get to meet imagined.

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Since the Cooper S models, it is still equipped with a facelift car is a four-cylinder turbocharged engine 2.0T, the maximum power of 192 horsepower, matching Steptronic seven-speed double clutch gearbox. Currently MINI official did not disclose the specific price which models, but they represent the new car will go on sale worldwide in March 2020.

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