“May 1”, go shopping in Changsha, please accept this Raiders.

“Top” Changsha and double fire out – Recently, “2021” May 1st “Volleyball Forecast Report” issued by a tour platform showing that Changsha has entered the list “2021” May 1 ” Holidays National Tourism City Hotel Reservation TOP 10 “,” May 1 “holiday hotel reservation amount exceeds the same level in 2019. On April 21, the media survey found that many budget hotels, “May 1” period rose two to three times, some or even thousands of dollars, and most of the listings have been completed. Many netizens spit “Changsha is too hot! It is not easy to grab the ticket, but can’t grab the favorite hotel”, and some netizens said: “High-speed rail, the hotel is set, Wuyi Changsha people, I have to go!” “

User is” true love “for Changsha, and Changsha will not let” old iron “disappoint,” pet powder “Rapida – Recently, Changsha Culture and Tourism and Television Bureau, Hunan Auto Show The committee will play the welfare of the Hongsha Net Red Scenic Area, and the net red food and drinks will be happy, and the consumers who come to the net red couch during the “May 1” have been happy and have benefits. The reporter sorted out a Raiders, plan “May 1” to go shopping in Changsha, please accept it!

First stop: Looking at the Auto Show

Recommended reason:

April 30th to May 5th, Hunan and even the most influential automotive industry in the first half of Huazhong District, the feast – 2021 Hunan Auto Expo and Changsha City Car Consumption Festival will be in Hunan International The Convention Center (next to the window of the world), more than 500 exhibition cars in more than 100 brands will concentrate, and take out the real discount to give consumers, the beautiful car model will also help out. At the same time, during the exhibition, the organizing committee ad hoc “ten major gifts”, including the refueling award, Hui Nong Award, First Fighting, Cash Award, 5G Award, Red Drill Award, Lucky Award, Card Award, Learning Truck Award, Create Award Wait. Go to the scene “card”, I have the opportunity to get the hair.

After the focus: After entering the hall, the staff will send a lottery ticket to the audience who is entered. During the exhibition, there was a lottery at 11 am and 3 pm and 3 pm, and the day of the day was awarded. After reading the car, remember don’t worry, you spend40 yuan purchased auto show tickets, there is a possibility to go back to a Costa or a claw drink, 400 yuan cash, Sinopec fuel card, Xiangyu red diamond, or even a 5G mobile phone! After the pavilion, the tickets will also be kept well. It is a super cost-effective coupon. Tickets for Hunan Auto Show went to a lot of net red scenic spots and net red dining, you can enjoy exclusive benefits! Tickets are reasonably utilized, plus “lucky gods” care, value may zero!

Second Station: You Yingxin Pavilion, eat crayfish, feel “Night Changsha”

Recommended reason:

Tianxin Court is a city building in Changsha. It is the only ancient city sign for Changsha. Building 3, Biwa, Zhu Liang painting, the ancient ancients, there is quot; high-grade cloud quot;, quot; 屏 翠 翠 u ot;, quot; 树 含 烟 quot;, quot; Chi Pond Quot The four scenes followed, and many literati in the past will leave a verse here. Mounting the Heavenly Carton, the extreme four look, the whole city scene, don’t make a look, is it unhappy! If you are interested in the ancient play, you can also visit the neighborhood of Tianxinge, maybe you can meet the heart.

came to “The food of the food”, of course, you have to be a full of blessing, taste the diet, sugar, crayfish, etc. Changsha special food. Can eat the spicy “old iron” recommended Shrimp Xiaolong’s old long sand shrimp hall, there are two shops near Tianxinge, not far from it. “Old Iron”, which tastes, old iron, can try Mr., fry the fast food, rich dishes, and healthy. From April 30th to May 30, the ticket to the Hunan Auto Show to any door store can also enjoy a 20% discount.

Hunan Auto Show ticket exclusive offer:

Tianxinge: two people, one person free (April 30 – May 5);

Shrimp Dragon : Go to the store to give a snack (April 30 – May 5);

Mr. Dam: 20% (April 30 – May 30);

[ 123]

Third stop: to Xiangjiang Happy City, Bella Small Town Revised Childhood

Recommended Reason:

If you have a demand for the waves, or it is a big friend who is not a child, the Xiangjiang Happy City and Bella Town of the main parent-child tour will be a good choice. Xiangjiang Happy City is called “Happy Miracle under the horizon”, and it has become the most popular new landmark of Changsha. “Exploration Flight”, “Forest Crossing”, “The Strongest Brain”, “The Music Square”, “The Strong Brain”, “The Brain”.

It is worth mentioning that considering the consumer “May 1” trip compact, the preferential policies of Xiangjiang Happy City are relaxed to May 6th – May 31, the tickets for the auto show are kept well, and easily Songtian’s lower 100 yuan.

Hunan Auto Show ticket exclusive offer:

Xiangjiang Happy City: 2 hours entertainment ticket, 60% discount on 3 hours entertainment (March 6 – May 31); 123]

Bella Town: 20% Off (April 30 – May 5);

Fourth Station: Looking at the mountain, enjoy Waterfall, play, close to nature

Recommended reason:

The “fan cage” in the reinforced cement is waiting for a long time, and he is eager to return to Nature’s arms. There are many natural “oxygen bar” around Changsha, such as the Black Erk of Wangcheng, located in Liuyang’s Zhou Luo Grand Canyon and Xixi Grand Canyon, as well as the “Bailanxia” stone village, can skiing The lake is a beautiful scenery. Also, the above attractions are within 1-2 hours from the bus. If you go to the Black Oofete, Book Hill Ouyang inquiry Culture Park suggests a card, and the two places is about half an hour.

Hunan Auto Show ticket exclusive offer: Changsha Black Erfeng National Forest Park: 50% (April 30 – May 5th);

Book Mountain Ouyang inquiry Culture Park: 20% discount (April 30th – May 5th); Liuyang Zhou Luo Grand Canyon Scenic Area: 60%;

Liu Yangshi Niuzhai Scenic Area: 30% Off (April 30 – May 5);

Liuyang Xixi Squi Grand Canyon Scenic Area: 20% Off (April 30 – May 5);

photoYang Chiang Lake Scenic Area: 20% (April 30 – May 5th);

Fifth Station: Bubble Spa, Shu Chang, Eliminate Tired

Recommended reason:

“You will forget yourself, twenty minutes, you will forget the world.” – By this is a well-known American The bubble spa sentiment is sentiment. Whether it is the future generation to make a doctor, but the hot springs are really a good way to eliminate exhaustion. On the last day of the holiday, a hot spring, comfortable body and mind, wash it out, use the best state to meet the new challenge after longer, “holiday syndrome” is immunized.

Hunan Auto Show ticket exclusive offer:

Hunan Zilong Bay Hot Spring Resort: 4.8%;

Ningxiang Gray Tang Jinshi Hot Spring Farm: 20% off.

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