May SUV sales list released: Haval H6 returned to the first, Honda won the whole victory

In another year, the SUV sales inventory time, according to the annual practice, the second quarter is generally the lowest point of the year sales, so in May this year, it is no exception, and the domestic SUV market sales is 7.37,000 units, which fell 2.3 year-on-year. The percentage is 1.4 percentage. Of course, the overall market situation is declining, but the specific model will be different.

NO.1: Haval H6

Sales: 25065

Since Haval H6 updated to the third After the model, the sales championship has been homoked many times, and even the online questioning sound, the discussion is not this generation Harvard H6 product? After some departure, I will return to the list after a sinking, and I can say that the Great Wall high-level will eat a fixed pill. However, from the proportion of sales, consumers seem to have a cold, and sales have not pulled the gap with the old style. Although there is no problem at this stage, the new and old two cars have the same interest in the same way as the same is not conducive to the development of the car.

NO.2: Changan CS75 Plus

Sales: 22,573

as the only one for many years The model can successfully pull Haval H6, and its hard strength has no need to say more. Moreover, Changan CS75 Plus has also driven the synchronization of the rest of the brand, and various “PLUS” models have emerged and have achieved a very good market performance. Last year, Changan passenger car sales reached 9.7 million, successfully ranked among the first line of domestic Car camp.

No.3: Honda XR-V

Sales: 19361

has always been in the top 10 The Honda XR-V in the half area jumped up to the top three, the year-on-year increase reached 28.1%, and there were some unexpectedly. It can be put into sales in a short period of time, more because of the increase in terminal offers, and the price has become more close. Moreover, XR-V is originally this price of small SUVs.Excellent cars are favored by domestic consumers.

Toyota Rongjian

Sales: 18,865

Honorable is 200,000 Compact SUV does not open, and the new TNGA architecture is replaced by the new TNGA architecture, the shape changed to the style of weak scholars, becomes tough and dynamic, and even a hint of hard-paid off-road vehicles. In addition, honor is also the top level of this price in the main passive security configuration, which is one of the selling points attracted by consumers.

NO.5: Honda Cr-V

Sales: 18,787

Honda CR-V Month is still the existence of Haval H6, this month is only row to the 5th, which has such a large decline in the case of no complaints or new and old, obviously abnormal. The root is due to the influence of the shortage of global automotive chip supply, leading to the user’s time, and some consumers who are eager to use, choose other brands or models.

NO.6: Volkswagen Tiguan L

Sales: 17553

This generation of Tiguan L has been listed For a while, it is possible to obtain this sales or inseparable from the blessing of the public brands. If you have recently been intended to go to Law L, then I suggest that it can be slightly slow, because the mid-term change in this car has appeared in the List of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it is expected to be unveiled in the Chengdu Auto Show in August and then sell. Of course, if it is not in an important old, it is a good time to come.

NO.7: Honda Shadow

Sales: 15,544

Although Hair Yue is CR- V of the brothers, but since it is launched in the later period, it is also the reason for domestic special vehicles, and the design is more in line with the aesthetic needs of the Chinese.. Moreover, there are also different CR-V in the dynamic driving, and the tuning style should be more apparent, and the suspension is more thorough for the vibration.

Sales: 15202

Geely Bohadue in this month Sales performance does not satisfy, fell by 17.8 percentage year-on-year, which is the only negative growth model in the top 10. Personally guessing Bo Yibo sales fluctuations are due to the other SUV star, the family is about to be listed, many consumers are in the position of holding coins. After all, the price is not too much, the CMA architecture of Star Yue is better than Bo. too much.

NO.9: BMW X3

Sales: 14611

Since the BMW X3 is changed to After domestic production, the price is no longer a soft rib. At the same time, this generation of models have made great progress in ride comfort and interior, except for the space, which is slightly weaker than GLC-L and Q5L, others. There is basically no short board. This also allows it to enter the top 10 in the sales list. At the previous few days, the new X3 official map debut, the appearance of the new car becomes more sharp and dynamic, the interior is also converted to the latest design language of the family, and the power part may join the 48V light mixing system.

NO.10: Honda Bang

Sales: 14082

British SUV, But there is a very good internal space, satisfying the daily use of more than enough, and the 1.5T turbocharged engine is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, and the powerful power is applied, so that many consumers will give up the Civic and choose it.


Synthetic, the top 10 basically did not change much, but it is worth mentioning that conventional frequent visits Nissan Shenjun fell out of the list, ranked 12th, and has 15.9 year-on-yearThe percentage declines, which also shows that the new model needs to make a schedule as soon as possible.

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