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2019 import Mercedes-Benz Maybach VST680 V250 modified list of seven top Maybach to make, low V250 Maybach seven six Direct factory price of various conversion program, Beijing Benz tuning off the assembly line a new hard goods lt; Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 VS680 Hide six gt; section business use of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach suite, who did the color value, the following bosses to introduce this hard goods. Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 upgrade VST680 hidden six custom models are cars Detailed, offer to configure how much money? How much is the lowest price? 2020 Mercedes-Benz V250 continues the new V-class design concepts in appearance, iconic bullet-style appearance with flat straight body lines, stable atmosphere without saying. Mercedes-Benz V250MPV be upgraded in the interior, the body providing leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber and wood to choose from a variety of materials. And MPV models pedal fancy alloy, alloy and an inner door handle like the car deck is equipped with both. For more details, please call the hotline below: Shen slightly

dynamic handling, the Mercedes-Benz Maybach VST680 V250 equipped with M274 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power up to 155KW (211ps), GLC on the same power adjustment, the gasoline engine is also equipped with a unique domestic models. 7G-TRONIC variables box we are not familiar with manual mode and ECO, comfort and sport three driving modes. The AGILITY CONTROL chassis with AGILITY CONTROL suspension system technology, coupled with road conditions and driving situation and modifies the damping characteristics, while improving ride comfort, but also to the process of driving fun and entertaining.

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imports of new Mercedes-Benz Maybach VS680 slender body side, and full, with a mix of rising waistline design, visual effect is great. Although not as Alpha’s high-profile publicity, but more of a Mercedes-Benz restrained and sedate. Body size, length and breadth were 5370/1928 / 1920mm, wheelbase 3430mm. And compared to the same level models, the interior space of the Mercedes-Benz VS680 still has some advantages too. Fuel tank capacity: 70L combined fuel consumption: 9.1 Torque: 350 Power: 155 HairSince machine: 2.0T 211 horsepower L4 Transmission: 7AT tire brands: Goodyear 245 / 45R18 Top speed: 195km / h Fuel: Gasoline launch machine Aspiration: turbocharged Emission standard: five bilateral electric door anti-pinch country blue Label C drive, etc. this can be on the cards. Next we look at its Mercedes-Benz v250 exterior and interior of imports:

Why is this car called the Mercedes-Benz Maybach version VS680 it, mainly rear cabin interiors and Maybach the original seat. All leather clad body, ebony panel extravagant embellishment, cowhide rugs, Maybach grids dome light, velvet curtains and readily available, there are two custom Maybach president of seats, very comfortable and luxurious, heating ventilation, air massage, tri segment adjustment functions blessing. The rear seats fold flat to become a sofa bed, tail car travelers comfortable seating.

V250 imported Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles into each seat retrofit seat enjoyed by all honorable customized level of luxury and comfort, even if living in the third row , can also enjoy a comfortable journey should need to change in order to create ergonomic, import V250 Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle rear seat cushion can be modified front and rear electrically adjustable, tilt the seat back as a whole can achieve lying position. Large leather covered center armrest adopted to enhance user convenience.

imported Mercedes-Benz VST680 custom VST680, there are several styles to choose? Maybach VST680 with executive chair, after the front passenger side row passengers can be even totally relax in the long-distance traffic. Simply pressing a button, the seat can be set to a comfortable angle, the maximum angle of inclination of 43.5 degrees. An additional extended-style leg support further enhances comfort. When equipped with electric extendable pedals, you can create a comfortable sleep for a seat angle. When the seat back inclination is large, the effect of occupant protection security can be enhanced by a cushion. When front risk of collision, it may be deployed in the seat, thereby preventing the passenger from slipping out (submarining) from below the belt.

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