Maybach VST680 no cut off imports of the new upgrade

import new Maybach 2019 in top VST680 no blocking new upgrade, new appearance VST680 body length; 5370- width; 1928, high; 2080. The new Maybach VST680 modified by the appearance-Benz dedicated high roof streamline. 2019 before the new VST680 grille, side skirts, the rear uses a custom Maybach surrounded by bars, with a senior private custom forging hanging

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2019, paragraph

VST680 Maybach by a leather-wrapped center console, leather-wrapped main co-pilot, Maybach prismatic grid alignment , Wood Cen a decorative, chrome vehicle parts is decorated vehicle leakage protection system, the wireless charging with stealth vehicle ashtray, double-sided matte aluminum door sill, luxury suede carpet.

2019, paragraph

VST680 Maybach advantages: GPS GNSS reverse image, heating and gas separation the outlet, the passenger compartment air conditioning independent control systems, power the sliding door, the electric double open end electronic door luxury watch, clock, after the seat Entertainment television, Business Class also comes with side walls of the storage box can be placed objects for visitors, as well as the rear of the front seats foldable tray table can bring more comfortable and convenient for passengers, interesting the journey.

The second row seats with Air ventilation, heating, electric massage, the rotary electric adjustment, the front and rear electrically adjustable backrest electric adjustment functions.

2019 with a new VST680 Maybach cabin, independently adjustable car refrigerator temperature, high-end custom curved ceiling grids and customization lamp, and with vehicle electrical control system, the vehicle-mounted touch screen control system, a sofa bed rear power seat motor 180 may be flat, center console box,

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