Mercedes-Benz EQB latest rendering map exposure will make domestic

Recently, there were overseas media to draw the rendering map of Mercedes-Benz EQB, and the new car continued the appearance of Mercedes-Benz GLB, but the Mercedes-Benz EQ series was added to the details of the front face. In addition, Mercedes-Benz EQB will provide a third row of seats to choose from, the endurance mileage is 500km, and it is expected to be available within 2021, and it will also be domestically.

It is understood that the rendering map is that foreign media is drawn according to the previously exposed spy photos, it can be seen that the Mercedes-Benz EQB overall contour is very similar to Mercedes-Benz GLB, but before The face shape has been made a very changed, joined the same design language as Mercedes EQC, which looks more future feelings.

Mercedes-Benz EQB’s overall contour is very tough, the car or will provide a third row seat to choose from. In terms of design, the new car tail has been changed compared to Mercedes-Benz GLB, the most striking is a penetration taillight design, which also makes it more identified. In addition, because it is a pure electric vehicle, the bottom bumper has also been redesigned, and chrome-plated knitting is added, and it looks more refined.

In terms of power, Mercedes-Benz EQB will provide single motor and dual motor versions, and the specific parameters have not been announced. In terms of battery life, Mercedes-Benz EQB will carry a battery pack with a capacity of 80kWH, and the endurance mileage can reach 500km under WLTP operating conditions. According to foreign media analysis, Merssla Model Y will compete with Tesla Model Y after the market, you prefer which model you prefer? (Source: autoevolution)


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