Mercedes-Benz EQB road test spy photos released or 2021

Recently, we obtained Benz EQB shidie way from the outside media. GLB new car continues the design ideas, is expected to be released in 2021, will reach maximum power output of 340 hp.

From the appearance point of view, and the car uses a similar design ideas GLB level, the overall style is quite tough. Its headlights and taillights still in temporary state test, mass production or will be adjusted so that the phase difference and GLB. Prices, EQB may far exceed GLB, GLB overseas starting price is estimated at 35,000 euros, EQB starting price is likely to be more than 50,000 euros.

from the Mercedes-Benz name has been registered for the EQB point of view, the second paragraph of pure electric SUV will have a lot of versions, including: EQB 200, EQB 250, EQB 260, EQB 300, EQB 320, EQB 350 and EQB 360. Even the most entry model, which will reach 60 kWh battery capacity, the motor output power of 150kW (204Ps), mileage can be at least 400 km (250 miles); the top model battery capacity is as high as 110kWh, the motor output power 250kW (340Ps).

EQB battery weight reached 650 kg, is mounted between the front and rear axles. It is reported that, EQB and another plans to launch electric models are based on EVA II EQA platform for research and development, while EVA I EQC is a platform for research and development from.

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