Mercedes-Benz Maybach VS680 customized version of the V250 modified special promotions

modified Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles imported V250 month special import car you are familiar with high quality at high prices known. But the parallel imported cars may have heard of people a lot less. For example ink Edition Benz V250, relatively higher in the regulation plate disposed but the price is lower. Recently, we have field experience an ink version of the Mercedes-Benz V250, impressive. More information please find – Shen Jingli

high-quality driving experience, had already turned from entering the cockpit modified car business Mercedes-Benz V250 the moment. V250 imported Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles retrofitted luxurious interiors with exquisite trim, so elegant and distinguished seamless. Imported multifunction steering wheel Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles into the V250 is equipped to ensure that when the driver focus on the road or need to control the steering wheel with both hands, can easily achieve a variety of operations by pressing the thumb.

photos of models that Mercedes-Benz V250, the new family of design elements continue to follow, continuing at the same time luxurious design incorporates a number of stylish design elements, AMG sports package Join suite, once again enhance its temperament. Black painting classic business style, looked calm atmosphere, dual-rate luxury and exclusive style chrome grille with the three-pointed star logo perfect convergence, highlights the temperament, pointed star logo also significantly higher than the Toyota el Act a hierarchy.

benz V250 modified Maybach VS680 customized version equipped 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power up to 155KW (211ps), and on the power adjustment GLC same, with the imported gasoline engine is type-specific. 7G-TRONIC variables box we are not familiar with manual mode and ECO, comfort and sport three driving modes. The AGILITY CONTROL chassis with AGILITY CONTROL suspension system technology, coupled with road conditions and driving situation and modifies the damping characteristics, while improving ride comfort, but also to the process of driving fun and entertaining. Modified indulgent free

2019, paragraph

Mercedes-Benz V250, meet business reception, negotiations, travel and other needs to use, from the configuration, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Waiters Dimensions 5370 * 1928 * 2100, with L4 2.0T211 horsepower engine, power up (kW (hp) / speed) 155KW211PS / 5500, while maintaining stable business dynamic force is also sufficient. 2019 Mercedes-Benz V250 retrofit rear seat electric sofa triple rows of seats, back expansion can be a key turned flat bed luxury, business travel can be as good as sitting, family trips first choice.

using a chassis suspension system AGILITY CONTROL agile handling techniques, can be used with traffic, and with the case of the damping characteristics, to improve comfort, but also make the process of driving lots of fun. Mercedes-Benz V250 superior performance with comfortable seating environment much like high-end people, Mercedes-Benz V250 spacious interior luxurious interior and unique to your customized version of the world’s only private space and luxurious experience.

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