Mercedes-Benz’s first stand-standard SUV! Maybach GLS 600 global debut!

ultra-luxury SUV brand to get involved in the market are nothing new, as 劳斯莱斯库里南, Tim Bentley are already more refreshed our “Three Views”, and even Lamborghini, Aston middot; Martin and other brands have begun to yield to the SUV market. As for the market to take root top Mercedes – Maybach, the introduction of SUV product also seems to have a virtual certainty.

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at last year’s Beijing Auto show, Mercedes – Maybach demonstrated its determination to enter the high-end SUV market as well as the importance of the Chinese market – in Beijing conduct Mercedes – Ultimate Luxury debut Maybach concept car. And its emphasis on the Chinese market last night (November 21 evening) once again been demonstrated – it was Maybach GLS 600 is the world’s first show in Guangzhou, take a preview.

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appearance, Mercedes-Benz GLS basis, based on MHA Benz modular platform to build it while retaining Benz GLS body contours and answer lines, adding more unique styling elements in order to bring the share of luxury and gas-field response, such as the front grille to join “MAYBACH” English label, D pillar inlaid exclusive Maybach Logo and so on, it is worth mentioning that it is receivable by vertical standard design of SUV models, historical significance and its distinguished status can be imagined.

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Inside, Mercedes-Benz has always been known for a sense of luxury interior, as well as in the nature of this Maybach GLS 600, or even higher level, one-piece big screen , exclusive atmosphere lamp 64 colors, Burmester brand of high-end 3D surround sound system, its sense of technology blowing. And it is also unambiguous selected materials, center console, steering wheel, etc. are used wood, leather and other materials.

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the seat layout, Maybach GLS 600 provides four and five two layouts to meet the needs of different consumers. Of which four models are equipped with independent rear seats beds with leg rest, and position compared to the more general by GLS, the rear seats a maximum angle of inclination of 43.5 degrees large, rear legroom maximum of 1.34 meters.

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power, which is mounted 4.0T V8 engine equipped with a micro-mixing system 48V, a maximum power of 566 horsepower and peak torque of 730 cattle middot; m, you I do not think that their identity will not underestimate their noble pursuit for speed, which has excellent acceleration performance, Pobai time of 4.9 seconds. In addition, it will be equipped with intelligent magic body systems, traffic congestion and active assistance systems such as lane change assist system functions can only be configured to provide customers with better comfort and safety experience.

[123 ] It is learned that, in Maybach GLS 600 will be 2020 officially listed in the second half of the domestic market, let us wait and see ……

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