MG October sales of over 24 600 ZS chain greatly increased 78.4 percent

Recently, the car has learned that MG brand in October, more than 24,600 new cars were sold, growth of 18 percentage, an increase of 16.4 percentage. Meanwhile, from January – October, MG brand sales of nearly 215,300, an increase of nearly 10 percentage.

Specifically, since the new generation MG ZS on the market, by virtue of the Bosch L2 + autopilot system, SAIC Ali latest zebra Chi-line 3.0 system and other product features, made in October over 13,500 sales performance, growth of 78.4 percentage, an increase of 74.4 percentage.

In addition, electric MG EZS were sold in October 2549, growth of 42 percentage. It is worth mentioning that, EZS also received many overseas markets of all ages. It is reported that, EZS also landed in France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium and other countries, to accelerate the global deployment of new energy MG.

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