Middle East version of the 2700 Toyota overbearing urban off-road horsepower strong store can be phased

2020, paragraph

Toyota Prado 2700 Middle East version is still the front part of the grille and headlights group, headlights group using a similar cash RAND cool flat design, shape is more sharp, domineering. In a hexagonal net upgrade inverted trapezoidal cash, classic five vertical banner, wide chrome grille, so that the whole head looks more sense of luxury, and more fitting urbanization. For details, please contact the bottom of the article distributors]

20, paragraph

2700 windowless bottom hung handed beggar, color: white rice Configuration: 2 bottom hanging iron wheel air bag 17 black door handles after the tire pressure alarm black exterior mirror manual air conditioning black tread 4, paragraph 2020 Prado overbearing electric eye 17 2700TX bottom hung Tielun hack EDITION

appearance unique design:

Middle East version of the 2020 models imported high-handed front face of 2700 looks very fierce, straight waterfall newly designed front grille appear even make new Prado rugged than the previous model, with a new front bumper make fuller face . The new multi-angle reflective unique combination of headlights and grille front lines of natural simplicity perfectly silhouetted against the fence; combination of large rounded rear windows and rear lights, so that the new hegemonic 2700 more breathtaking verve and charm. The whole body has a good sense of depth, fully embodies the wild this large SUV’s.

intimate and comfortable interiors:

improved interior layout in 2700 overbearing Toyota is also the more subtle, very comfortable and intimate, mainly for interior use Some material optimization performed. The new Toyota overbearing style center console deliberately stepped layout divides multimedia and air conditioning control zone harmoniously designed body composition, not only clear and easy mastery of the owner. 2700 overbearing interior more stylish, steering wheel and dashboard styling be happy to re-design, compared to cash has become more fashionable and rich sense of technology. Compared with the 18 models double barrel-type instrument panel, the new model’s dashboard although there would be less sporty but looks more concise, water temperature and fuel gauge are individually moved to the dashboard.

20, paragraph

2700 Toyota overbearing bottom mounting height cai TXL third row of seats can be folded down so as to automatically increase the luggage space, the operation is very convenient. If necessary, a second row of seats can be brought down, and huge space formed at that time. A highly rigid frame and enhanced suspension system, off-road capability and capacity are not to be underestimated

focus on the initiative vehicles security design and configuration:

Prado 2700 called the king of off-road, off-road performance have absolute trust. Toyota Prado 2700 while more play plenty of power, off-road dynamic performance, initiative focusing on vehicle safety design and configuration. System with a central Torsen differential, it will torque distribution ratio of 60 at a ratio of 40 between front and rear axles, if slip occurs, the torque distribution ratio up to 29:71. Toyota Prado 2700 2.7 four-cylinder engine, high fuel efficiency, shifting time great feeling, great to meet the driving pleasure.

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