Milk tea nail plug doll, air conditioning song and dance leader …

April 30th – May 5th, 2021 Hunan Auto Exhibition and Changsha City Auto Consumption Festival (hereinafter referred to as “2021 Hunan Auto Show “) was held at Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (next to the window of the world).

As a car feast in the central region, this auto show gathered more than 600 car, brand Qi, many new cars, and activities. many.

The auto show, never just look at the car, and there are many live welfare. How to play “Earn” 2021 Hunan Auto Show, let 40 yuan tickets exceed usage, the old driver of the auto show is a support you.

Help “eat goods” to achieve ice cream, milk tea, popcorn freedom

For “food”, visit to eat and eat is an eternal theme. 2021 Hunan Auto Show, not only can go shopping, but also, but also to make “eat goods” to easily achieve freedom of food.

Popcorn is just “standard” – almost 50 meters, you can meet the booths that can receive popcorn, and the sweet taste is full of whole Pavilion. What is more enjoyable is that the freedom of tea and ice cream can also be easily achieved.

In the process of travenging, if you think, go to the first floor Dongfeng Qichen booth, scan code, you can receive exclusive custom Coca-Cola or milk tea.

Want to drink tea Yan Yue color? arrangement! This famous Changsha, full of fire, in Shenzhen to grab the number to get the qualification, the net red milk tea that is not queued in Changsha, the net red milk tea, the first floor of the Hunan Auto Show, you only need to send a circle set Like, the active activities can be easily collected.

As the long-lost sun reproduces the sky, Changsha enters the summer. This summerThe first ice cream of the sky, 2021 Hunan Auto Show also helped you prepare. In Cadillac, Xiaopeng, Volvo, you can receive it. It is particularly worth mentioning that the ice cream of the Volvo booth is made by the robot. It tastes different. Please taste our taste …

If you want to eat More “style”, you may wish to enter the brand negotiation room. This Hunan Auto Show, many brands arranged the negotiation area as a “cafe” appearance, the layout of the lights is particularly important, quite style, such as BMW, Audi, Wei, Volvo, Infiniti, etc. If you are tired, let’s go in a little rest, drink a cup of cold drink, eat a disc of a piece of fruit, taste the dessert … The kind of food is rich, there is always a suitable for you.


The auto show is not only a feast of the car, but the ocean of the food is still a large playground. Whether there is a hot mom, flying dad, or a big friend who is not a child, or a children’s heart, you can find your own fun planet at the Hunan Auto Show.

You can go

The song booth and the cool robot “Hornet” Take a photo,
Let him give you the power of fighting;

Infiniti booth playing an arcade,

in “Dinosaur fast” Keep a happy childhood in the game,

Changan Mazda booth clamp,

Go to Skoda booth challenges “Needle Pearl Maze”,

[ 123] With patience and wisdom harvest successful joy;

Tong Feng Nissan Meng Meng 哒 giant panda doll interaction,

poke him a big round Belly,

拽 拽 小小,

Followed with his small broken step, he quickly smashed,

turned away;

Guangqi Honda booth live DIY windmill,

Collecting “Kawaii” colorful marshmallows,

or sit down to make a “spa”, [123

Enjoy a delicate nail service;

In addition, in order to attract consumers Eyeball, each booth also specializes in various programs, there are many freestyle. The model scene show, “fresh meat” stage sing, DJ disconnection … I sing you, handsome ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

gift articles

Booth gift + The organizing committee “Ten major gifts”, full load, return

After shopping, there is an important link, it is to receive a gift!

Mug, Dream Ball, Boutique Doll, Polyfellar Plant, Customized Racing T-Shirt … Hunan Auto Show scene, the extensive booth gift, it is easy to get soft.

In addition to the gift of the booth, 2021 Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee also gave the car, car purchase, Hui Nong Award, First Fighting, Cash Award , 5G Award, Red Drill Award, Lucky Award, Card Award, Learning Truck Award, Come Award, etc. “Ten Majors”, prizes include 5G mobile phones, Sinopec recharge cards, 400 yuan cash, Xiangyu red diamonds, Costa or puzzle drinks.


When the invoice progress hall, please rememberI have to find a staff to receive a lottery ticket, and participate in the lottery at 11 am and 3 pm to the second floor at 11:00 pm. Maybe you are lucky!

2021 Hunan Auto Show

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