Model S plaid version is extremely speed up to the first new car to deliver

In 2009, Tesla Model S debuted in the “David Deep Night Show” program, with a very subversion and scientific design, unparalleled powerful performance, refreshed people’s “car” cognition; 123]

2012, officially debuted Model S attracted countless car fans, science and technology coffee, chasing newers compete, “T” word symbols and eagle gates become the most popular scenery on the road, push open the new door of the automotive industry

9 years ago, the first Model S delivered in the US Fremont plant; 9 years later, Tesla also delivered a new Model S Plaid version with the name “Plaid”, and Raise the product strength to a new height. As Mask said, “Model S Plaid will be displayed to the world, the electric car can be the safest, fastest, coolest car, is the best car in the world.”

“Playing Square Master” Mask once again “lattice mode” than “crazy mode” in the “Spaceball Mode” in “Spaceballs” movie (plaid) Mode) is inspiration, giving its Plaid name, meaning Tesra Model S Plaid version will create a new generation of travel to a new generation of “more crazy” than madness.

On June 11, Beijing time, Tesla was officially delivered to the first Model S Plaid version of the Freel S Plaid version. The ceremony opened, Tesla chief designer Franz handheld a big hammer debut, announced that “I brought a hammer today, because today we may break a few records.”

“Crazy” plus code, creating a number of performance records

Beyond the “crazy”, Model S Plaid is a high performance, fully intelligent Import pure electric cars, designed for ultimate speeds and endurance. The new car has 1020 horsepower, the highest speed of 200 miles / hour (1 mile approximately 1.6 km), can complete 0-60 mile acceleration, refreshing the speed record of 0-60 miles in two seconds, Becoming the fastest mass production in the world.

Powerful power performance, from the new three-motor driver assembly equipped with Model S Plaid version, Masque called “a masterpiece of engineering design”. It integrates Tesla’s latest heat pump system, which has increased by 30% in the cold environment, and the power consumption of air conditioning is reduced by 50%. The new motor equipped with the Model s Plaid version has also used carbon fiber rotor protective sleeves, which greatly improves efficiency while adopting excellent insulation and protection.

At the same time, the new car is designed to optimize air kinetic design, realizing 0.208 ultra-low wind resistance, which has become a mass production car in the world’s lowest wind resistance. Not only increase acceleration performance, but also helps a 390 mi life mileage. Under the long battery, it can be charged to 187 miles of speed fast charge, and the mileage anxiety will become a past.

The ultimate speed and passion, but also have the maximum security guard. Previously, Mask had said that “safety is our primary goal of Tesla”, and this delivery is also emphasized “in this model of the engineering design stage, we still maximize safety protection.” Like Tesla, the Model S Plaid version has also reached the 5 star security level identified by NHTSA (US Highway Safety Administration). This fastest model in the world is also the safest model in the world. one.

Innovative design, surpassing users expect

The first generation Tesla Model S debuted at the beginning of the unique design Beauty and manufacturing process, greatly enhanced the public to the expectation of the luxury sedan. The Tesla Model S Plaid is once again expected to upgrade, bringing many interiors and configuration innovations, so that users really feel that they are driving a “future car” in 2021.

The most representative, namely a new vehicle system. Model S plaid version is not only equipped with 17-inch horizontal central control, which greatly enhances the brightness, resolution, color fidelity of large screens, but also functionality.Unprecedented innovation. The vehicle system uses a new UI interface, users can freely drag the window, change the screen layout, whether they are sitting in the main coke bit, can find their favorite operations.

Let the game fans are crazy about Model S Plaid, equipped with PS5-level chip performance, play 3A masterpiece without pressure. Delivery ceremony, the staff demonstrated the game screen of “Saibu Depel 2077”, exquisite and smooth screen, let the audience boil again. I can imagine that future users can be in the super fast charge, in addition to watching the drama listening to music, you can also “open a game” at any time, the second living space is extended.

For the rear layout, the Model s plaid version redesigned the space, the legs are increased, and the leg space is further enhanced. The rear passengers can also access music, video, games, etc., and greatly enhance the fun of music, video, games, etc. through touch screen and multi-device Bluetooth access.

The steering wheel of the Model S Plaid is also bright. Like the butterfly design of the spacecraft handle, it is more revolutionized to integrate the shift lever into the central control. No physical shifting operation is required, and it is unique to the design of the steering wheel. In addition, three-zone temperature control, ventilation front seat and HEPA high-efficiency air filter, hidden car air conditioning system, 22 speakers, composed of advanced audio systems and active noise reduction systems, to create comfort, convenience, Entertaining and spatial mobile space.

Delivered, with Mask announced the delivery, 25 Model S Plaid simultaneously lights up the big light at the same time, welcoming the arrival of a new batch of users, also Welcomes the new “S generation”. At present, California Fremont Industrial Factory Model S Plaid version can have been upgraded to hundreds of months per month, and the next quarter will further climb to thousands of vehicles per month to support gradually increased purchase needs. Shortly, the new car of this era will also come to China at 10.5999 million yuan, gather more consumers to help energy revolution, and accelerate the transformation of the world to sustainable energy. [1twenty three]

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